Quality work shoes can take the ache out of your back, ankles, knees and feet. The question of “best shoes for the woodshop” comes up over and over in woodworking forums. Like most things woodworking the best answer is “it depends on what your needs are.”

We’re a safety-first company so we definitely recommend steel toed boots. From what I found most woodworkers agree – by and large they lean towards standard work boots while they’re working with wood. That said I found a SHOCKING number of people who wear sandals… or even flip flops. And one woodworker claims he works in the shop barefoot. YIKES! To each his own I guess, but remember, what you’re reading here is the collected opinions of woodworkers and does NOT reflect ToolCrib.com’s recommendations.

One thing NOT reflected well in the results you’ll read is the difference that cushioning floor pads will make! Most folks reported that good floor cushioning makes expensive/comfortable shoes unnecessary. Safe shoes are still recommended of course…

To find these results I referenced 2 main posts from SawmillCreek:
Best Boots for the Shop
Whats yer workshop shoe?

Boots: 23 Votes Total
Red Wing: 5 Votes

Red Wing 6611 Mens Oxford
Redwing “comfort zone” boots

Wolverine: 3 Votes

Wolverine Steeltoes for me.
Wolverines Wellingtons
Wolverine safety boots in the shop

Danner: 2 Votes

Danner Arcadias
Danner Hunting Boots

Timberland: 2 Votes
Timberland steel toe steel shank
Timberland Pro

Blundstone: 2 Votes
Blundstone safety boots

Everyone else:
Merrell hikers with Dr. Scholl’s most expensive insoles.
Echo boots
matterhorn safety toe boots
Jump Boots
Doc Martens with bouncing soles
hi tech work boots

walking shoes/sneaker-y type shoes: 21 Votes
worn out running shoes: 14 Votes
slip on mocassins from cabelas
Propet walkers
Rocky steel toed sneakers
converse steel toe sneakers
heavy Rockports

Sandal-y Foot Coverings: 16 votes Total
Crocs: 9 votes (close-toe recommended)

Sandals: 3 votes
Birkenstocks: 2 votes
flip flops: 2 votes

Use Floor Pads: 11 Votes

Barefoot: 1 Vote
We highly highly un-recommend this idea. Your mileage may vary!

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