The SawmillCreekers chimed in recently when one of their own asked about Jet parallel clamps. Clamps and power tools are two things you can never have enough of, so of course I rolled up my sleeves and started counting responses.

The conversation spread far from just parallel clamps, but that’s what I focused on for the purposes of this post. You should read the full post here to get the full flavor and other great suggestions you may not have thought of: Are Jet the best clamps?

Jet: 9 Votes

Bessey K-Bodies: 7 Votes

“Comeerson” Clamps: 1 Vote (*)

As there’s no strong favorite between the two you can be reasonably assured you’ll like either… I read some suggestions in the thread that you buy 4 of a given clamp to see how you like it. If it serves you well then consider that a green light ;)

(*) about the Comeerson brand clamps… I learned about these from Per Swinson in the SMC thread. That’s when you yell “Comeerson!” and get your son to clamp your project for awhile ;)

Original thread:
Are Jet the best clamps?

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