Woodnetter Zane Moseley wants a new square. He went to his fellow WoodNetters and said: “I’m thinking of buying a quality square like a Starrett or Incra that will last for years and give trustworth readings. The 12″ starrett combo square seems a bit long. They have a 4” double square that looks pretty appealing. Incra also makes a “guaranteed square”. Which should I get?”

What follows is a fantastic weighing-in of the Woodnetters – here’s the full thread if you’d like to check it out: What type of square do you use most often?

I tallied responses and then went digging for similar threads in other woodworking forums to bring you the top 4 most used woodworking squares…

1) Starrett: 22 overall
Starrett 4″ double square: 6

12″ Starrett combo square: 6
6″ Starrett combo square: 5
6″ Starrett double square: 2

Starrett Reviews from LumberJocks:
Starrett Fixed Square Review
Starrett 4-Inch Double Square, 12-Inch Combination Square

(Note that Starrett squares came in at #9 on the top 11 tools that bring 100% satisfaction.)

2) Bridge City Squares: 3 Overall
Bridge City Universal Square: 1

Bridge City CS-12 combination square: 1

3) Veritas Squares: 3 Overall
Veritas Saddle Square: 3

Veritas Saddle Square Review

4) Lee Valley Squares: 3 Overall
Lee Valley 4″ double square: 1

LV double square: 1

Everyone Else by Brand:
Swanson Speed Squres: 2 Overall

Harbor Freight Squares: 2 overall

Stanley Squares: 2 Overall
Stanley 12″ combo squares: 2

PEC Squares: 1 Overall
4″ double square: 1

Incra Squares: 1 overall

Mitutoyo squares: 1 overall

Forum sources for these numbers:
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