These wood sculptures by artist David C Roy really took my breath away… here’s a video of one he called “Spectrum”

(for some reason these videos aren’t playing for me on my computer… they play fine in YouTube though so here’s a link to David C Roy in YouTube.)

Here’s how he describes his process of making these scupltures:
“I usually make the sculptures in groups of six. I cut most of the pieces on a band saw and then do the final shaping with a table router and sander. All the holes are predrilled using a drill press. I cut and make all the knobs, pulleys, and spools by hand using techniques that I have developed. All the pieces are hand sanded and then stained and finished.”

The size of these pieces is tough to grasp unless you see Mr. Roy standing right next to them… Here’s one where he demonstrates winding “Illusion:”

Here’s Variation-Zen… apparently he only made 6 of these.

The prices on his site range from $1250-3200. Check out Wood that Works.

I spotted these incredible sculptures over at SawmillCreek… Here’s a link to the original thread: Wood that Works Kinetic sculptures.