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How do you store and organize your sandpaper? If you’re storing sanding belts and sanding discs PLUS sanding sheets your storage can get out of control fast. A recent poster at SawmillCreek (How do you store your sandpaper?) asked for tips. He was asking mainly for his Festool sander, but most of the comments came […]

Compact drivers become must-have tools after you use them once. Their popularity means that every tool brand under the sun has one on display. They must be pretty cheap to make too considering how often Bosch gives them away. So one of the guys at WoodNet asked his fellows which compact driver he should get […]

Sometimes all they have to do is open their mouth… and you beyond the shadow of a doubt that they are NOT a woodworker. I found a thread at Woodnet that had me spitting coffee on the monitor… What’s the wierdest thing a non-woodworker ever said to you? The thread spins off somewhat into “what […]

I spotted this on my latest visit over to FamilyWoodworking… Introducing the $35,000 rocking chair: It’s made of Amboyna Burl by Parker Converse II. He says: “These chairs take about three times longer to make and the cost of materials and handling is about 10 times that of one of my lower priced rockers. The […]

The folks over at FamilyWoodworking have an interesting thread going on tool pride… Member Allen Grimes asked: “Over past 2 or 4 years, I’ve noticed that a lot of people take far too much pride in the tools they own. Festool and Mini Max owners especially, seem to jump on anybody who says anything bad […]