Sometimes all they have to do is open their mouth… and you beyond the shadow of a doubt that they are NOT a woodworker. I found a thread at Woodnet that had me spitting coffee on the monitor… What’s the wierdest thing a non-woodworker ever said to you?

The thread spins off somewhat into “what does your wife say to show her hostility towards woodworking…” But hey, that’s… life ;)

Here are my favorites – you should visit and read through. A great thread!

1) Nate1778:
“How hard can it be its just a box with some legs”

2) Doug_H:
1/ How could it possibly take you three (six, etc.) months to make this? This comes after “Why would it cost that much?”

3) Bzzzz:
If I come over this Saturday afternoon can you help me build a dresser and a dining table?

4) blanning:
“If you get another router, then I get another baby.”

5) RedmobiusV:
Norm Abram can do it in thirty minutes.

6) Curlycherry:
“I still don’t understand how they get flat boards out of a round tree.”

7) joshbjork:
“I just want you to cut two inches off of this cabinet….”

8) Kurt Loup:
I once helped someone build a fence. When the guy was loading pressure treated lumber in his truck, he made a comment to the Home Depot employee that one particular board was a lot heavier than the others. The Home Depot employee insisted that the board was heavier because it had more pressure than the others.

Read the original thread for more sayings:
What’s the wierdest thing a non-woodworker ever said to you?