The folks over at FamilyWoodworking have an interesting thread going on tool pride… Member Allen Grimes asked: “Over past 2 or 4 years, I’ve noticed that a lot of people take far too much pride in the tools they own. Festool and Mini Max owners especially, seem to jump on anybody who says anything bad about those brands and I also noticed that a lot of people are quick to say something bad about those brands whenever they get the chance.

So my question is: Why? Why do people have such strong feelings for these tools and brands?”

Have you noticed that yourself? I know when I was visiting my uncle and he showed me his Harbor Freight tools I had to fight the urge to preach about quality. But then… they work for him, so what’s the big deal?

Here are some insights from a great thread over at FamilyWoodworking:

Scott Spencer:
“Early on in this hobby, I was far more brand loyal that I am now. I guess you start out liking what you know, and wanting it to the best….regardless of whether it really is or not…ignorance is bliss, right?”

Stuart Ablett:
“SOME owners of Grizzly tools must bleed green when cut, or the owners of the Sawstop tools are just as solid in their support of their own tool choices.

If we take it a step further, ask some guys about pickups, Chevy vs Ford has been going on a lot longer than most of us have been alive. I think it is just human nature to defend one’s choices and purchases, especially if that choice is attacked, or they feel it is attacked.”

Gary Curtis:
“The comparison to truck loyalty is entirely fitting. These topics seem to excite the passions. So perhaps, the advertising is working. After all, I never argue about brands of potato chips!!!!”

Norman Hitt:
“The one thing I do have a problem with is someone that badmouths a piece of equipment but has never even used one, or someone that brags on a certain tool of a given brand and says it is the best, when in actuality, they may own another tool of that brand but not the tool in question.”

Frank Fusco:
“Yeppers, a Griz. And you are right. It would meet my needs perfectly. Might not meet the needs of others. But, they do have some whoppers going up to $16,000.00 that might be more ‘Tod worthy’.”

(In response to Tod Evans, a founding member of Family Woodworking and known “Grizzly Hater…” who actually recommended a Grizzly because it would meet Frank’s needs).

My suspicion is that it’s mostly woodworkers who are fairly new and have gotten their first taste of a really solid, well made tool. Because it’s the best tool for their needs they extrapolate and think it’s going to be the best tool for everyone else… But hey, that’s just my opinion ;)

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