Recently I wrote about David C. Roy’s kinetic wood sculptures – you have to see them to believe them. The same holds true for these sculptures by artist Lee Stoetzel. Among his works are a full size model of a VW Bus, several Mac computers, a bicycle made of mesquite and a chopper.

Here’s a video interview with Mr. Stoetzel, followed by pics and links to some of his other incredible wooden sculptures.

by sokref1

photo by sokref1


Mac enthusiasts found these particular sculptures and started aCaption contest: Wood Mac.

Here’s the #1 caption (in my opinion). It comes from whisperycat: “This Mac comes complete with a root-user log file applications and 800 fig-a-byte hard-wood drive. It has multiple US-Beech ports and Lime-wire is standard. This poplar variation has been bushed to market – “Somebody call the copse!””

Also check out David C. Roy’s kinetic wood sculptures. And see Lee Stoetzel’s website.