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Festool owners will tell you that ALL their Festool tools are their top tools. They are as fanatical about their Festools as Mac users are about their Macs. I think these two quotes, from the recent SawmillCreek thread “Which Festool tool could you not live without?“, show the position pretty well: Paul B . Cresti: […]

I visited the family today over at and found a great post started by Larry called What type of glue? and why? This thread started me off on an hour of woodworking glue research. What I learned in that hour I could have learned if I’d just read the entire thread that Larry posted. […]

I stumbled on this useful post over at SawmillCreek: Ran over the router cord… The original poster asked: “I was cutting a circle out with the router and came back around and ran the cord straight over.. Anybody know who fixes things like this? It is hardwired to the router unfortunately unlike my Dewalt. Could […]

How can you NOT read a forum thread like this: Canoe made from disposable chopsticks. Per Swenson posted this over at SawmillCreek. Here’s the canoe: A bit about the canoe: “A former city employee in the Fukushima prefecture town of Koriyama has built a 4-meter (13-ft) long canoe from thousands of used disposable chopsticks recovered […]