Festool owners will tell you that ALL their Festool tools are their top tools. They are as fanatical about their Festools as Mac users are about their Macs. I think these two quotes, from the recent SawmillCreek thread “Which Festool tool could you not live without?“, show the position pretty well:

Paul B . Cresti:
“Festool stuff is nice but as anything you can live without them and still produce great work…..but they sure are fun to use and cool to own”

jason lambert:
“Life’s too short for bad tools…”

Of course, there’s an equal and opposing force. This quote, from the same thread, sums up the opposition:

Cliff Rohrabacher:
“I haven’t found any interest in anything they make adequate to pay the prices they want.”

Well, we have yet to have a Festool-only blog post here at ToolCrib, so here it is. I went through and counted up responses to Which Festool tool could you not live without so that those of you who are already converts know which tools to buy next. It also gives the non-converts an opportunity to cluck about the high prices ;) As for me I’m just waiting for the iPod/Festool cross over tool :)

Top 5 Festool Tools:
1) Vacuum CT-22: 11 Votes

2) Festool Sanders: 11 Votes Total
Ro150: 2 Votes
RO125: 1 Vote
Deltex DX 93: 1 Vote

3) Festool Domino: 7 Votes

4) MFT Multi Function Table: 5 Votes

5) Plunge Saw TS55: 4 Votes

Honorable Mention:
12v drill/driver: 2 Votes

Routers: 1 Vote

People Who Don’t/Won’t Ever Have Festool:
don’t use festool: 5 Votes

Note that a couple different people said that they didn’t like Festool’s jigsaw…

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