I stumbled on this useful post over at SawmillCreek: Ran over the router cord… The original poster asked: “I was cutting a circle out with the router and came back around and ran the cord straight over.. Anybody know who fixes things like this? It is hardwired to the router unfortunately unlike my Dewalt. Could i just splice the wires back together myself and wrap it with electrical tape?”

Here are some of the best responses, followed by other resources you can use to repair the electrical cords on your power tools.

Randal Stevenson:
You can strip back the wires, and solder them back to the new, just make sure you slide on some [electrical] heat shrink tubing first. (much better then electrical tape). That spot will not be as flexible as before, but should work fine.

Or, put an end on the cord there. Then use a short extension cord.

Jerome Hanby:
Just to be a little safer, if you make your splices on each wire where they wont overlap the splices on the others you have less likely wood of causing a short if your insulation “fails”.

Lee Schierer:
I found the lowest cost replacement for power cords on hand tools is to go to the store and buy a heavy duty extension cord. For what ever reason you can buy the extension cords cheaper than lengths of wire and plugs alone. Cut off the receptacle end and wire the rest of the cord with the plug into the hand tool. This gives you a new cord with a molded plug. This can be somewhat harder if the manufacutrer molded the strain relief by the tool into the cord.

Other Cord Repair Resources:
Replace a Damaged Power Tool Cord
“The entire replacement process should take less that one hour.”
Electrical Cord Repair
Electric Tools – Basic Safety (OSHA)

Big thanks to SawmillCreek posters… I put a nickel in the donation jar ;)