The SamillCreek. It’s a crazy kinda place. Mix those guys with the awesome demolition power of a reciprocating saw and you’ve got…. STORIES TO TELL. I’ve been researching a reciprocating saw article and found this thread: Things you have cut up with a “Sawzall”. Of course I could not resist reading the whole thing and reporting to you the top 10 things cut up with a sawzall.

Of course it goes without saying that you wear safety goggles and use your reciprocating saw according to the suggested uses in the manual. Remember… the sawzall/reciprocating saw got mentioned in the comment section of our Ultimate Guide to the Top Ten Most Dangerous Woodworking Power Tools.

1) Cliff Rohrabacher: a house
“I cut a whole house free of it’s sill plate once (with a Milwaukee Super Sawzall). Jacked the house and re-laid the sill plate and well you know the rest.”

2) Mark Rios: a prowler’s bicycle
“I cut up the bike into 10″ to 16″ pieces, tires and the frame, and put some of the bigger pieces, the ones that you could tell used to be from a bike, out in front of the rentals that I have so that everyone could see them. I left them for the day to make sure that the guy new that his bike was now not a bike anymore when he came back looking for it.”

3) Tim Mummert: a doublewide mobile home

4) Mike Jones: an elk

5) Kenneth Hertzog: a car
“I once cut a car in half so I could pick it up with the highlift to fit in the cleanup dumpster”

6) Per Swenson: a pontoon boat

7) Greg Narozniak: frozen ribs

8) Michael Schwartz: a large sleeper sofa

9) Bob DiGiacomo: paint stripping
“taped a brass wire brush to a sawzaw blade to help brush the paint from the door.”

10) Kent Fitzgerald: “I once sawed the door off a dishwasher for disposal.”

Joke-of-the-day Quote:
John Schreiber: “The Sawzall. The closest thing to a light saber I’ll ever have.”

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