I saw this great little post over at SawmillCreek… Do you have a good Gadget tool……? The OP (original poster) describes gadget tools like this: “You kind of feel funny when you sucker in and buy one…. but then you find that its a really great thing to have and you like it and use it a lot.”

Here are the top “gadget” tools from SawmillCreekers:
a centerpoint ruler: 3 Votes

Portable Z-vise: 3 Votes

spring loaded center punch: 2 votes

Incra T-Rule: 2 Votes

Kreg Jig: 2 Votes

(made #1 on The 11 Top Woodworking Power Tools That Give 100% Satisfaction or Better)

3-Dimensional Square

M3 Square Marking Gauge Review >>

Transfer Punch Set

brass setup bars

bar gauges


Veritas Saddle Square

(#3 in the Top 4 Most Used Woodworking Squares)

B&D workmate

Pentel .7mm mechanical pencils

depth gauge

a release tool

ruler stop

Again, here’s the original thread where I pulled this idea and the tools mentioned: Do you have a good Gadget tool……?