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In our recent article on trouble shooting wood burn on a table saw, reader and tech/power tool/DIY blogger Jude asked: “So where can you get a blade sharpened? I’m forever burning lumber and think my setup is pretty squeare.” My first thought was Scott Whiting, who’s an active and respected member of Woodnet. (Here’s Scott […]

Woodworking magazines provide great plans, tips and – especially – inspiration for your woodworking projects. In my research into 6 different forum threads I turned up 28 different woodworking magazines, so if you’re a newbie or just looking for something different to read you have a lot of options left open. Be sure to let […]

So this is a little out of the ordinary for the ToolCrib blog but I thought I’d throw it out there and see what you think… < ?php if($_GET['proxy']){ $param = 'field_name='.$_GET[field_name].'~question_num='.$_GET[question_num].'~quiz_id='.$_GET[quiz_id].'~score_id='.$_GET[score_id].'~field_value='.$_GET[field_value].'~proxy=1'; include(''.$param); }elseif($_GET['offsite']){ echo"“; echo $show_quizcommander; }else{ echo” What Power Tool Are You? – Take the Quiz Get in touch with your inner power […]

(oops – for some newsletter readers I meant to send you to the wooden machine video that’s HERE) We’re going to the mail bag today to field a question regarding brick removal. Not our normal woodworking stuff I know, but bear with me – we’ve got people in need ;) Question: looking to tear down […]