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Do you do your woodworking on the run? Do you need something to haul your tools around to jobs around the house or city? This list of free tool box plans puts your tools where you need them most. I separated them out like this… >> Top 4 “Notable” Toolbox Plans >> 3 Advanced Toolbox […]

This WoodNet thread shows the progression of table saw ownership… Also it shows why so many WoodNetter veterans suggest that folks skip the contractor saw and go straight for the used cabinet saw… Here are the results of the poll thus far (8/18/08): 0 Table Saws: 2 people (00%) 1 Table Saws: 50 people (16%) […]

I’m a Router Bit Professional! Router Bit Professional I passed the quiz with 70%, the bare minimum. Just like high school! This was a neat quiz from the folks over at ToolsToday: Router Bit Profile Quiz: Do you know your router bits and profiles?

If you’re a potential builder/owner then this post will interest you. I went searching today for free house plans… our sawhorses, workbenches and router tables were such a big hit ;) There’s not too much out there in the way of totally free plans. 6 that I could find anyways. Free House Plan – The […]

If you only had one sentence, what advice would you give a newbie woodworker? Mr. Gord Graff over at the SawmillCreek posed this question (in 2003!!) and someone recently revived the thread and brought it back into discussion. 83 responses later I think there’s a pretty solid body of advice there. You can read the […]