This WoodNet thread shows the progression of table saw ownership… Also it shows why so many WoodNetter veterans suggest that folks skip the contractor saw and go straight for the used cabinet saw

Here are the results of the poll thus far (8/18/08):
0 Table Saws: 2 people (00%)
1 Table Saws: 50 people (16%)
2 Table Saws: 113 people (36%)
3 Table Saws: 73 people (23%)
4 Table Saws: 33 people (10%)
5 Table Saws: 16 people (05%)
6 or more: 20 people (06%)

That’s 307 WoodNetters who’ve taken the poll thus far. I cherry picked a few of the table saw purchase progressions mentioned in the thread. It really does suggest that if you’re a newbie and you know you’re serious about woodworking for several years that a cabinet saw just might be your best bet. Not always the case, of course, but it appears true for many of the woodworkers at WoodNet…

Here are some of the progressions posted in the thread:
1) Delta 36-600 (right tilt 15 amp compact saw)
2) GI 50-185 (left tilt 2hp contractor saw)
3) Craftsman 22124 (left tilt 1-3/4hp hybrid)
4) Shop Fox W1677 (left tilt 3hp cabinet saw)

1) Ryobi BT3000
2) used 1995 Delta Unisaw

1. Ancient Craftsman that was actually a circular saw under an aluminium table made for it.
2. Ryobi I bought just for a project.
3. Emerson 3612
4. Vannysaw (Unisaw of US origin, bought used from a WN member)

“I have owned exactly one table saw. It is the Unisaw my father gave me. It has served me well for the past 25 years. Never had the need or desire to add another saw.”

1. Sears version of Ryobi bt3000
2. PM2000. Didn’t feel like half-A$$ing it again. I’m done for life. At least that’s what I told my wife.

1. Craftsman Contractor Saw
2. UniSaw (Which I thought would be my last)
3. SawStop ( Should be my last)

1. I put a $100 blade and a $120 fence on a used Delta Contractors saw I paid $60 for.

Sears Contractor
Jete Contractor
Delta Unisaw

just one. dewalt benchtop and love it

So how many table saws have you owned? Does your progression match the guys at WoodNet? Let me know in comments or email:

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