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Woodnetter Toscageoff introduced me to Michael Cooper in the thread “The best woodwork I have ever seen.” I started off getting “blown away” by this piece called “Tex” from 1976: That’s a bent wood barrel! HOLY COW. He has a whole gun series on his website: Some of his guns get a little, er, […]

Woodworking is an expensive hobby, and an even more expensive business… it’s no wonder that there are so many woodworking cheapskates out there ;) Dust collection is NOT something you want to skimp on though. That said, it’s unreasonable to expect newbie hobbyists to jump right in with a cyclone for their garage workshop. I […]

…NOT a severe injury, and NOT from the blade. (Note – Sawstop has a number of testimonials and pictures of scrapes that could have been much worse. Technically this is FAR from the first Sawstop injury, just an ironic story.) This comes from mark page in the forums. He was admiring a Sawstop in […]

It’s not always easy to admit your mistakes… though it helps a little if others can learn from what you did wrong. A recent thread at WoodNet caught my attention: Admit it! The OP (original poster) asks: “Who has actually hurt themselves in the work shop and how. Admit it. It will help others NOT […]