…NOT a severe injury, and NOT from the blade. (Note – Sawstop has a number of testimonials and pictures of scrapes that could have been much worse. Technically this is FAR from the first Sawstop injury, just an ironic story.)

This comes from mark page in the SawmillCreek.org forums. He was admiring a Sawstop in the showroom. He says in the thread I actually got hurt by a Sawstop!!!:
“Was my second time disecting a sawstop and admiring the quality that went into building this tank. (Sans all the electrical safeguards). I was spinning the arbor from the drive belt inside the case and admiring the smoothness of the total system. I was pulling down quickly multiple times on the secondary drive belt.

“My index finger got caught up between the pulley and belt on the inner side. My finger thankfully did not go the complete turn between the two, or I could have ended up with a broken finger or worse a possible partial missing finger. Have a very large “blood blister” pinch and hurt like hell at the time. But looking backwards, we all had a good laugh at the store.”

Mr. Mike Heidrick “helpfully” pointed out that, “on the door you opened there is a warning and a caution/safety picture of a finger getting caught in the belts. You were warned!”

And it turns out Page isn’t the first person to be injured by a Sawstop… Mr. Michael King reported that, “Last year I was helping the maintenance men at our school move a new Sawstop into the school shop when my thumb got smashed, no, crushed, flat as a pancake, between the cast iron table top and the door jamb.”

OUCH. King wins.

Read the original thread here: I actually got hurt by a Sawstop!!!

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