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Here’s a little Halloween fun for you… because I’m sure you were curious how well you’d handle a zombie attack in your work shop ;) < ?php if($_GET['proxy']){ $param = 'field_name='.$_GET[field_name].'~question_num='.$_GET[question_num].'~quiz_id='.$_GET[quiz_id].'~score_id='.$_GET[score_id].'~field_value='.$_GET[field_value].'~proxy=1'; include(''.$param); }elseif($_GET['offsite']){ echo"“; echo $show_quizmarketing; }else{ echo” Uh-Oh… Work Shop Zombie Attack! – Take the Quiz Uh oh, it’s a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! Here’s the […]

I’ve been thinking more about finishing woodworking projects since I wrote 7 Best Sandpaper Brands: Klingspor vs. Norton vs. 3M in the Sanding Supplies Showdown. As luck would have it I stumbled on the SawmillCreek thread “Finishing Supplies: Must Haves.” I like how the OP (original poster) has realized that improving his finishes may well […]

In Woodnet today I found a great thread discussing the ways that the current economic crisis has affected woodworking habits: How is the economic crisis effecting your woodworking habits? Some people asked “what economic crisis?” Others talked about salvaged lumber, hand made tools and spending reductions on new tools. For this article I handpicked my […]

For newbies the path to sandpaper nirvana is littered with BORG sanding supplies. Seasoned woodworkers sometimes get overly loyal to a brand without first trying some of the other options out there. For this article I researched preferred sanding supplies in 10 different forum threads, spanning hundreds of total posts to bring you the top […]

Outside of workshop-oriented projects like workbenches and router tables, there’s no simple project like the cutting board that attracts and challenges new and experienced woodworkers alike. With Christmas around the corner it’s time to justify that garage full of woodworking tools with something BESIDES those dorky Star Wars projects of yours ;) >> 4 Overachiever […]

Do you have a LEAST favorite wood for woodworking? These 15 woodworkers do… I didn’t put these woods in any sort of order. And because least favorite woods are often toxic or allergenic woods this post ends with some resources on wood toxicity. Inspiration for this post came from the SawmillCreek thread: I think I […]