Microsoft Live Search + eBay “Buy it Now” = discounts on power tools.

If you’re signed up for the right programs with both companies you can get UP TO 3 discounts of UP TO $250 by searching for items on Microsoft Live Search and then buying them through the eBay Buy it Now program.

The kicker is that I’m reading forum reports that Grizzly will add items to eBay if you contact them, meaning you can get up to $250 back on your next Grizzly power tool purchase. This is HUGE news, especially in light of the rising cost of both shipping and metal that meant no summer sale for Grizzly.

First I’m going to outline what you have to do in order to get 20% back from Microsoft and eBay. Then I’ll explain what you have to do to get your Grizzly discount. And if you’re wondering if you should invest in Grizzly, check out Grizzly Tools – What is Your Opinion?

1) You have to sign up for the cash back program with Microsoft Live Search.
2) Reports seem to vary but I think you have to sign up or buy through Paypal (an eBay company)…
3) Your searches have to go through
4) From those searches you have to click through to your items on eBay.
5) Make sure there’s a green Microsoft label on eBay.
6) Make sure you buy it through the “Buy it Now” button
7) Wait 60 days.
8) Get your cash back through your Live Search account.

I based this outline on the following 2 blog posts. Both have pictures that show what you need to be looking for:
eBay has gone discount crazy – 20% cash back now avail! Up to 30%+ off if you play it right!!!
35% Off Ebay Thru Live Search Cashback

Getting the Grizzly Tool You Want
If there’s a particular Grizzly item you’re jittering and jiggling to buy right this minute AND it’s not currently in eBay then you can contact Grizzly and ask them to list one. BUT you have to contact them through the Grizzly eBay presence according to reports I’m reading in the forums. This contact would obviously have to happen between steps 3 and 4 as I believe you may have to go back and search for the item in Live.

My main caveat is that I have no idea how long this will continue. The earliest mention of it I’ve seen thus far is from June so it’s been going on a good 4 months so far. My suspicion is that Microsoft (who’s the one paying out the cash) will continue through the holiday season as they’re paying for people to adopt their search engine over Google’s. My secondary caveat is that you’ll be buying from eBay instead of Amazon (who keeps the lights on for us here at ToolCrib…). Maybe we can get Amazon to list tools in eBay ;P Oh well. I hope you get the Grizzly of your dreams!

Here is some forum coverage of the live + eBay discount plus other resources you might find useful:
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If you have gotten a power tool discount through the Live + eBay deal let me know in the comments.