So I was lurking the other day over at Woodnet and stumbled on a video that shows a smart, easy to build and cheap mobile power tool base. That got my wheels turning and I started up my research engine. When the dust settled I had 15 mobile base plans for you! Here’s the thread that inspired this post: Shop Built Mobile Base (with video)

The biggest problem doesn’t seem like it’s mobility, but rather STOPPING a mobile tool from rolling so you can use it safely. There’s an astounding range of solutions for this below – it’s interesting how many variations there are on such a seemingly simple problem. I hope you enjoy the following plans, videos and diagrams. A note – there aren’t actual plans for some of these, especially from the guys who have the really innovative ideas. I think you’ll be able to figure it out though. You’re a woodworker.

Here’s what you’ll find in this post:
>> Meet Matthias Wandel and His 3 Amazing Mobile Bases
>> 9 Mobile Bases and Plans
>> 3 Mobile Bases for Portable Table Saws
>> Mobile Base Building FAQs
>> Mobile Base Forum Discussions
>> Bonus Videos from Matthias Wandel
>> More Free Woodworking Plans

>> Meet Matthias Wandel and His Amazing Mobile Bases
These mobile bases are extraordinary. Mostly because of their ingenious lifting mechanisms. You won’t find locking casters on these bad boys… just inclined planes and levers. SWEET! There are videos and plans for his table saw and jointer bases and plans only for his (not quite as astounding) mobile band saw base.

1) Mobile table saw base with lifting mechanism

Mobile table saw base with lifting mechanism >> (not really a plan, but diagrams and lots of description)

2) Mobile jointer base with retracting wheels

Mobile jointer base with retracting wheels >> (again, not plans but pictures and description)

3) Mobile bandsaw base (A really simple mobile base)

>> Mobile Bases and Plans
4) Universal Mobile Machine Base Design Guide (PDF)

This is an article with an illustration that explains how to design a mobile base for typical woodworking machinery. This appears to be for cabinet saw size power tools.

5) Shop Built Mobile Base (video)
This one has some sweet lifting mechanisms. Much faster and easier to build than the ones by Wandel above. This one is just a video, no plans.

Check out the discussion about this base in WoodNet for more good ideas: Shop Built Mobile Base (with video)

6) A Homemade Mobile Base with “Machine Moving Lever”
This clever lever makes moving large machines easy. Here’s a closeup of the mechanism:

Homemade Mobile Base >>

7) Mobile Base with Feet that Raise it Off Wheels
Nifty enough. Check it out – you might get some ideas.

Mobile Base >>

8) Easy-to-Build Mobile Base
I can’t tell from the picture, but this one looks like you’d have to rock it a little to boost the machine off the wheels. That seems dangerous, but hey I’ve never seen it in action. Your mileage may vary.

Easy-to-Build Mobile Base >>

9) Mobile stand with pivoting casters for stability and smooth travel
WOW. What a smart mobile solution for uneven floors!

10) Jointer Mobile Base
Check out the lift mechanism here – it’s super smart and super simple.

Jointer Mobile Base >>

11) Mobile Base for Joiner
Locking casters and scrap wood holds up this 300+ pound joiner.

Mobile Base for Joiner >>

12) Minimalist Drill Press Mobile Base

I don’t quite get how this one works… it seems like the wheels are touching the ground at all times which would make this a little too mobile if you ask me… But it seems to work for this fellow.

>> Mobile Bases for Portable Table Saws
13) Contractors Table Saw Mobile Workstation

14) Mobile Base for a Portable Saw Table

Mobile base from Grampa’s Workshop >>

15) Mobile Work Station for Contractor Saw

Mobile Work Station for Contractor Saw This is a 6 part blog series from LumberJocks. AMAZING.

>> Mobile Base Building FAQs
How did you folks move saw onto mobile base?
rocky brown: “i went to hf and bought a 2000 lb rated come along, hooked it over a joist in my garage, attached it to 2 corners on my saw with bolts and washers, and lifted it right up. done in 5 minutes.”

James Suzda: “When I had to lift my Grizzly saw by myself and not having an engine lift, I placed two 2×4’s on edge under the table but tight to the cabinet. I put some pipe clamps across these 2×4’s so they wouldn’t twist out from under the saw.
Then I built sort of a ‘cribbing’ with a pair of sawhorses under the ends of the 2×4’s and used two floor jacks to pick the whole thing up. It would be nice to have someone extra there to help balance the whole thing while you slipped the base under it.”

Bill Spievak: “I raised my old, and rebuilt, unisaw using 4 hydraulic jacks with welded “L” shaped pieces that slipped under the cabinet and clamped to the jacks.”

See the whole thread here: How did you folks move saw onto mobile base? >>

What wood is best for a mobile base?
Jim Becker: “A hardwood, such as oak or maple would be my choice for wood, but you can also get steel tubing for not a lot of money and it would be much stronger.”

Ken Werner: “The best wood for a mobile base is the appropriate size of square steel stock.”

Christian Aufreiter: “The base was built from pine about six months ago and I haven’t faced any problems so far. As a consequence, I tend to assume that hardwoods are not a must if the design and construction are thoroughly done.”

See the whole thread: What wood is best for a mobile base? >>

>> Mobile Base Forum Discussions
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>> Bonus Videos from Matthias Wandel
Marble machine 1 in action

the 6 bit wooden adding machine

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