I’ve written quite a bit about routers for ToolCrib (scroll down to the router resources section)… but I haven’t yet written about choosing a solid plunge router. This thread at Woodnet: “What plunge router do you like” served as a great jumping off point for this short comparison article.

One major decision point you’ll have to make as you hunt for your plunge router is whether you want a dedicated plunger or a plunge kit router. As far as I can tell (based on opinions of Pat Warner) the plunge kit is best for the budget minded hobbyist. If you’re going to be routing professionally or even a great deal then the kit is not a great choice.

Further I’ve found some significant disagreements around using a plunge router in a router table. Pat Warner says don’t use a plunge router in a table, while Rockler cites writers for the Woodworkers Journal saying it’s not a problem. I lean towards Warner’s estimation personally, but I don’t have experience on the matter.

Dedicated Plunge Router:
DeWalt 621: 5 Votes

DEWALT 621 review by Pat Warner

Hitachi M12V2M: 1 Vote

Hitachi M12V2, 3 1/4Hp, Plunge Router by Tom Hintz

Festool OF 1400 EQ Plus Router: 1 Vote

Festool OF 1400 EQ Plus Router Review by Jim Becker

Here’s a Festool OF 1400 movie… it’s a pretty sweet looking machine:

Router with Fixed/Plunge Kit:
Bosch 1617: 2 Votes

Bosch 1617 Review by Phil Bumbalough

DeWalt DW618PK: 2 Votes

DeWALT 618 Router Kit Review by Jack Loganbill

Ridgid EVS 2-1/4 Peak HP Router Combo: 1 Vote

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Using a Plunge Router in a Router Table? (from Rockler)

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