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I found a laser guided hand saw video at WoodNet in a thread called Laser Guided HAND SAW. Started by Cian (creator of 2 excellent resources for woodworkers – Neanderthal Brain Trust and The Power Index)

Little did I know there was such a “wealth” of laser guided tools out there…

But first the laser guided hand saw video followed by a few choice quotes from the original thread… (and though I think the laser on this hand saw is a little bit much I would still totally love to have one ;)

1) Laser Guided Hand Saw:

Woodnetter quotes:
BJ Kavanaugh:
“My laser guided chisels are not impressed…”

“I might have an experience to help clear up why this saw is necessary. I had a laser saw, but I was having a lot of trouble getting my laser to line up with my mark, so I put a laser on the laser. Now it’s a lot easier to put the laser exactly where I want the laser, I just follow the laser. Of course, eventually I want to get a laser for the laser laser. I’ll get that later. My buddy got a later laser laser to line up his lazy laser laser, which made the later laser laser and laserer. When he began to saw, lasers went everywhere and he might have blinded his dog.”

Joe Fisher:
“When he used it for compound angles and crown molding, I thought it was actually pretty cool.”

Check out the original thread for more “discussion”:
Laser Guided HAND SAW

2) Laser Guided Scissors

I wonder where the laser guided scissors would end up on the Harbor Freight Buying Guide ;)

And of course there’s a laser guided scissors video too:

3) Small Laser Guided Hand Saw

This one is currently sold out folks, sorry ;) It would have made a nice companion to the larger laser guided hand saw. Here’s a “review” Laser Guided Hand Saw, Hand Saw 2.0

4) Laser Guided Drill Press

The laser guided drill press gets its fair share of jokes in the woodworking forums. It’s cool enough for me to want one (though that’s damning it with faint praise ;).

5) Laser Guided Pizza Cutter

Ok ok, it’s a laser guided roller for cutting fabric. But it sure looks like a pizza cutter to me. No more fights about whose piece of pizza is bigger either…

6) Laser Guided Pool Cue

Seriously? They make these? For people who take their fun a little too seriously ;)

Via: Laser Pool Cue.

7) Laser Urination Guide

Yup. The laser guided pee path takes the cake. The urinal cake. Unbelievable.

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