(Looking for woodworking plan gift ideas you can make others? See 25 Fast, Easy and Free Woodworking Plans for Last Minute Christmas Gifts)

So the love of your life and kids don’t know what to get your for Christmas? You’re not alone. Don over at WoodNet mentions the same problem here: 2008 wish list gadgets/ gizmo’s. The good folk of WoodNet chime in to suggest a number of suitably inexpensive gifts that you can use to brain storm gift ideas when people ask: “so what do you want for Christmas?”

You could send them this list of 7 stupid laser guided tools to tell them what NOT to get ;)

The list below is more or less in the order that I found it in the forum thread. A few are over $30 – I put warnings on them.

1) Consumables
Gloves, foam brushes, sandpaper, router bits, etc…

2) Wixey Digital Angle Gauge

3) Digital Caliper

Calipers mentioned in 9 Woodworking Tools You Wish You had Bought Earlier >>

4) Wixey Digital Thickness Gauge for Planer (+$30 warning)

5) Card Scraper (Under $10)

6) Lumber Wizard Metal Detector

Great for treating found and salvaged lumber: Lumber Salvage: The Top 10 Sources for Cheap, Free and Recycled Wood

7) Fire Extinguisher

8) Peltor Worktunes (+$30 warning)

9) Zero clearance inserts

10) Wood
Pro Tip: You’re gonna want to be as specific about variety, shape, size etcetera. Make it easy on your loved ones to shop for ya ;)

11) Clamps

Parallel Clamps: Jet vs. Bessey
Don’t let them read: Cheap, DIY Clamp Alternatives

12) Woodworking DVDs

13) Spokeshave

14) Mortise Chisels

15) 220v DC Remote Control (+$30 warning)

16) Veritas wonder dogs (+$30 warning only by a little)

17) Holdfasts

18) A Good Square (+$30 warning)

Top 4 Most Used Woodworking Squares

And of course you could always ask for a Harbor Freight gift card… just make sure you bring your Harbor Freight buying guide ;)

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