You made your list and checked it twice… and yet SOMEHOW you forgot a gift for your spouse’s boss’s nephew’s cousin! Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii(you know how this ends ;) Never fear! ToolCrib delivers 25 fast easy and free woodworking plans that you should be able to slap together in under 2(ish) hours and still look like a great person.

Remember, when it comes to last minute woodworking Christmas gift projects it’s important to follow the KISASS method. KEEP IT SAFE AND SIMPLE, STUPID!!!

Here you go, soldier. Never say die and never say “it’s too late for an awesome home made woodworking gift.” Good luck!
–> 1 Gift For Fellow Handy Folk
–> 7 Quick Woodworking Plan Gifts for the Kitchen
–> 5 Easy Woodworking Plan Gifts for the Kids
–> 4 Easy Gift Plans that Go Outdoors
–> 2 Simple Plans with Christmas Themes
–> 4 Easy Plans For the Family Room Gifts
–> 2 Simple Plans for the Pets
–> 12 More Free Plan Collections

–> 1 Gift For Fellow Handy Folk
1) Stackable sawhorse plans

EVERYONE needs more sawhorses. Especially these sweet stackable sawhorses designed by Matthias Wandel. (more sawhorse plans)

–> 7 Quick Woodworking Plans For the Kitchen
2) Hardwood Cutting Board – No Frills

Very simple. Good basic ideas and suggestions. From Chris Baylor. “It only takes about two hours to build.”
(more cutting board plans)

3) Wood Lazy Susan Turntable

4) Trash Can

5) Paper towel holder

“This is a quick and easy project for anyone who is fed-up with plastic paper towel holders which never seem to work as well as they should.”

6) Spice Rack

7) Handy message board

8) Free Bench Seat Plan

–> 5 Easy Woodworking Plans For the Kids
(If you’re not in a rush, consider woodworking with your kids…)

9) Child’s Toolbox

Make this for the kids on your list… or double the size and make it for the adults!

10) Cat Puzzle

11) Tic Tac Toe game plan

12) Adjustable Stilts


“When Oliver, my two-and-a-half-year-old son, needed help to reach the sink and toilet, I decided to make this handy stool. I kept the design as simple as possible so that he could help out with most of the work.”

–> 4 Easy Plans that Go Outdoors
14) “One Board” Bird House

“While this birdhouse is as simple as it gets, it has a lot going for it. It can be made very quickly…uses minimal materials and tools…and boasts a sleek look”

15) Cornhole Bean Bag Toss

“Cornhole is a great family oriented game that is perfect for grill-outs, BBQ’s, and parties! The game is played with 4 bags per team and teams typically have 1 or 2 players.”

16) A Planter

17) Wind Chime

–> 2 Simple Plans with Christmas Themes
18) Wood Scrap Snowmen

“If you have access to some small wood scraps, or perhaps a board you can cut up, you can make these cute little additions to your holiday shelves.”

19) Reindeer Christmas Ornaments

–> 4 Easy Plans For the Family Room
20) TV, VCR and CD Remote Holder

21) Quilt Rack

Quilt not included…

22) The Classic Mantel Clock

23) Three Tier Corner Shelf Unit

–> 2 Simple Plans for the Pets
24) Building A Doghouse

25) Cat Perch

–> 12 More Free Plan Collections
What? You didn’t find the perfect gift in the plans above? If you really think there’s enough time you’re more than welcome to poke around through these ;)

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