SawStop inventor Steve Gass decided that a hot dog just isn’t cutting it anymore… So he put his OWN FINGER into the spinning blade on national television…

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I saw this over at the Wood Whisperer, where there’s a lively conversation going on in the comments: Sawstop Inventor Puts His Money Where His Mouth Is

update – SawStop president Steve Gass explains why he puts his hand in ice water…

“Okay, I’ve just got to explain the ice water. It had nothing to do with bleeding, numbing effect or contact detection. The high speed camera they used needed an extreme amount of light to be able to get a good image due the very short time available to capture each frame. The lights were so bright I had to wear the welding helmet to even be able to see – it was like staring at the sun without the helmet. The byproduct of all the light was heat. The lights were so hot that they would scorch my hand in seconds so the ice water cooled off my skin to start with and gave me a little more time to touch the blade before I got burned by the lights.”

in WoodNet – Steve Gass gives his SawStop the finger >>

Gass has been a mostly lurking member of WoodNet since ’03 and you can see all 59 of his comments here >>

I read about Gass’ visit to WoodNet in the WoodworkersZone thread Steve Gass cuts off his finger >>

Here’s the classic SawStop vs. hot dog demonstration:

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