The Tool Crib

Festool lovers weep while Festool haters laugh and wink at their perfectly respectable collection of power tools. Why? Festool announced a price increase starting on February 1st, 2009. We plugged the Festool price increase list supplied by McFeely’s into good old Microsoft Excel so we could get a feel for what’s going on with their […]

If you value your sanity STOP READING RIGHT NOW. The following puzzle plans will not only challenge your woodworking ability, but your ability to control your anger and frustration when you attempt to master your own creations… Puzzle makers seem almost gleefully willing to share their secrets, perhaps because they are just the slightest bit […]

My wife and I dropped by the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft during our recent Thanksgiving visit. I’m lucky she brought her camera – otherwise I would have not been able to share these exquisitely crafted wooden clocks by Lexington, KY woodworker Keith Chambers of Woodwerks.