In many cases a quality combination blade will outperform lower grade dedicated rip and cross cut blades. Whether you choose to run only combo blades or switch your blades depending on your cuts is a matter of preference, what you’re cutting, how much you’re cutting, and the saw you’re cutting with. To help you make a decision on your next combo blade I visited the usual suspects (woodworking forums) and researched opinions.

I didn’t do any tests with these blades – the rankings/votes are based purely on each blade’s popularity in a forum. At the end of the post you’ll find the threads I counted along with info resources (…if you’re blade shopping because of bad cuts have you considered either cleaning or sharpening your current saw blades?)

Here goes – enjoy the showdown (cue tumbleweed, blowing sand and Sergio Leone music) :D

Forrest WWII 40T: 19

Epinions Review: Forrest Woodworker II 10 inch Saw Blade 40T-Thin Kerf W21014
Scott Spencer (aka knotscott) prefers and recommends the WWII 30T over the 40T (though ranks 40T HIGHLY):
“IMHO the 30T WWII makes a lot of sense as a primary blade and a beneficial alternative to the 40T WWII because of its wider operating range, depending on what you cut.”

Freud P410 Fusion: 17

Freud P410 Review in Fine Homebuilding (scroll down a little) >>
Freud LU84 and the LU83 were also mentioned a great deal. Spencer puts the LU88 over all other Freuds >>

Tenryu Gold Medal: 9

Impressions: Tenryu Gold Medal Blade (Review by The Wood Whisperer) >>

Ridge Carbide TS2000 from Holbren: 5

Old Fine Homebuilding Review of the Ridge Carbide >>

Infinity Combo Max: 5

Infinity “Nickel Armor” Combo Max review from Online Tool Reviews.

Leitz 40t combo blade: 4

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