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Hot on the heels of SawStop inventor and CEO Steve Gass sticking his finger in a whirling table saw blade comes the latest in physical testing extremes… ToolSnob’s Doug Mahoney put his thumb under the hammer in his review of the Craftsman Auto-Hammer. Without further ado, click here to watch Doug hit his thumbs with […]

Finding just the right work height for your bench and your power tools can make your time in the shop even more enjoyable. A recent post in WoodNet – The optimum height of a woodworker – got me hard at work copying and pasting smart ideas and methods from WoodNetters. I found six formulas there, […]

I had a blast writing for in 2008 – I’d have a tough time picking my favorite articles. You don’t have any trouble picking your favorites ;) Here are the writings that YOU liked the most last year, in order of page views. And for kicks, here’s the January 2008 newsletter we sent that […]