Forget making furniture WITH your tools… now it’s time to make furniture OUT OF your tools!

If you’d prefer to BUY one instead of just putting one together yourself you can find them at Sundayland… according to their site:

“Built solid from 8 builder construction levels, held together with machined aluminum hardware with a starfire glass top that appears to be free floating.

“Measuring 36″ by 72″ our Straight Table is perfect for taking your office or studio to the next level.”

The design is by the Gerscovich Brothers, who apparently have a history of tongue-in-cheek design ideas. Check out their lamps, naughty and woody >> Together these two lamps would set you back more than the price of the new Delta Unisaw ;)

I spotted this over at Boingboing, in the post Table made out of levels. The comment thread there is full of puns, the best being: “this piece works on so many levels.” Yes, that stinker calls for a rimshot… Also in that comment thread is the suggestion that you could use squares as shelf brackets.

Also see Straight Table by Sundayland.