2008 was a huge year for free woodworking plans at ToolCrib.com… How huge you ask? Well, here are the top 38 free woodworking plans in order of how many people visited them from our site so you can see for yourself.

We published these plans in collections (scroll to the bottom to see all our collections) and ordered this list based on the number of times each individual plan received a visit.

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1) Table Top Router Plans (PDF): 4,235 visits

2) A Router Table for Woodworkers: 4,013 visits

3) Rolling Work Bench w/Built in Router Table: 3,732 visits

4) Bench Top Router Table: 3,361 visits

5) Professional Router Table: 3,350 visits

6) Roy Underhill’s Sawhorse Design (PDF): 3,144 visits

7) Floor Standing Router Table: 3,082 visits

8) Router Table-Mate: 2,835 visits

9) the Ultimate Wood Sawhorse: 2,655 visits

10) Frank Pellow’s Woodworking Bench Project: 2,564 visits

11) The Cheapest, Easiest, Ugliest, Most Functional Saw Horse Known to Mankind: 2,562 visits

12) Making Your Own Routertable, Easily!: 2,554 visits

13) Router Table: 2,410 visits

14) Minimalist Router Table: 2,340 visits

15) Simple Router Table (workmate topper): 2,312 visits

16) Chris Schwarz Sawbench: 2,285 visits

17) The Classic Sawhorse: 2,188 visits

18) Mobile Router Center: 2,160 visits

19) a functional, strong and elegant sawhorse: 2,088 visits

20) Jane’s Router Table Project: 2,013 visits

21) FIVE-LEGGED SAWHORSE: 1,971 visits

22) Fold-Away Router Table (PDF): 1,950 visits

23) Building a Basic Workbench: 1,912 visits

24) The World’s Best $6 Sawhorse?: 1,895 visits

25) Mobile Carpenter’s Bench from Tim Carter: 1,863 visits

26) Simple Sawhorse: 1,778 visits

27) Router Table: 1,738 visits

28) The Rolling Router Table: 1,689 visits

29) Quick and Easy Router Table: 1,674 visits

30) The Simple Home Shop Workbench: 1,565 visits

31) wide topped sawhorses: 1,548 visits

32) Benchtop Router Table: 1,477 visits

33) Knock-Down Sawhorses: 1,464 visits

34) Router Table Fence: 1,413 visits

35) Build An Easy Workbench: 1,400 visits

36) Stackable sawhorse plans: 1,341 visits

37) A Bench for Today’s Woodworker: 1,326 visits

38) Build a Classic Workbench: 1,306 visits

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