Hybrid table saws remain a popular category with woodworkers seeking more power and versatility than contractor and benchtop table saws. To find the top 10 we gathered hybrid table saw tests, reviews and recommendations of professionals and hobbyists from the leading woodworking publications and forums.

Here’s what you’ll find in this article:
What is a Hybrid Table Saw? A Working Definition
When You Should Go for a Cabinet Saw Instead of a Hybrid
ToolCrib.com’s Top 10 Hybrid Table Saws
Hybrid Table Saw Ranking Resources

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Update: See the New Ridgid R4511 Granite Top Hybrid Table Saw. It’s liable to rank highly on this list once we get more information about it!

What is a Hybrid Table Saw? A Working Definition
In short, a hybrid table saw is larger than both the benchtop and contractor style table saws and smaller than the cabinet saw in terms of amperage. Some other key distinctions of the hybrid table saw include:

>usually cheaper than a cabinet saw
>has a cabinet for better dust control
>the motor’s inside the cabinet
>typically runs on 110v circuit
>often use contractor-style trunions

If you enjoy arguing on the internet you might appreciate the overly long semantical warfare of this WoodNet thread debating the difference (or lack thereof…) between cabinet saws and hybrids. It’s occasionally funny if you appreciate “zingers” and open hostility low-end cabinet saws vs. “high end” hybrids.

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When You Should Go for a Cabinet Saw Instead of a Hybrid
The Craftsman 22124 got 24 forum purchase recommendations, more than any other hybrid saw out there. I didn’t count them all, but I bet there were TWICE that many recommendations that woodworkers get a cabinet saw instead of a hybrid. Over and over (and over and over and over) woodworkers recommend to each other on forums that they spring for a low-end or used cabinet saw instead of a hybrid. This is not always an option for many woodworkers due to space, electric, or cash restrictions.

That said, if you’ve got upwards of $1,000 to drop you should at least consider the Grizzly 1023 (the #1 cheap cabinet saw recommendation by woodworking forum members).

ToolCrib.com’s Top 10 Hybrid Table Saws
Without further ado we proudly present the top 10 hybrid saws.

1) Craftsman 22124

24 Forum Recommendations
#2 ranking at Consumer Search >>

Craftsman 22124 Reviews:
Craftsman – 22124 Hybrid Tablesaw in Fine Woodworking
Craftsman Professional 10 in. Table Saw 22124 in Epinions
Craftsman Professional 10″ Hybrid Table Saw Lumber Jocks
Craftsman Professional 22124 10″ table saw in Lumber Jocks
Craftsman 221240 10-Inch Professional Tablesaw in Lumber Jocks
consumer review aggregation for Craftsman Professional 10 in. Table Saw
Craftsman Professional Table Saw Review in Palatable Woodworking

Forum Discussion on the 22124:
Craftsman 22124 compared to the GI 50-185M1 (sawmillcreek)
Sears 22124 vs Steel City 35670 saws (sawmillcreek)
Craftsman saw (woodnet)

List Price On 01-02-09:
$1199.99 >> (You can probably find it sub $800 if you wait for the right sale…)

2) Grizzly G0478

5 Forum Recommendations
Picked #1 at Tools of the Trade
#2 by Tom Begnal at Fine Woodworking
#2 in Popular Woodworking
#4 at Consumer Search

Grizzly G0478 Reviews:
Grizzly G0478 2 HP Hybrid Cabinet Saw Lumber Jocks
Grizzly 2 hp hybrid cabinet saw Lumber Jocks
4 1/2 stars with 11 reviews at Amazon

Forum Discussion on the G0478:
“Grizzly G0478 Hybrid Cabinet Table saw”
Grizzly G0478 or Jet JPS-10 (708482k)
Grizzly G0478 Cab Saw, anyone have one?
Before I leap, let me ask around! Buying the Grizzly G0478, (excellent grizzly fan flame war – funniest line: “Have fun humping your Griz when it arrives.”)
is this Grizzly hybrid a quality saw?
grizzly hybrid table saw

List Price as of 01/02/09:
$775.00 >>

3) Steel City 35670

6 Forum Recommendations
#1 in Popular Woodworking
#1 in Consumer Search

Steel City 35670 Reviews:
Steel City 35670 10 inch with 30-Inch fence, 1.75 hp, Cast Iron top in Lumber Jocks
Steel City 35900G in Consumer Search (a stoned, hybrid relative of the 35670)

Forum Discussions:
Anyone have the Steel City table saw 35670?
Sears 22124 vs Steel City 35670 saws
Steel City 65720 review
Jet ProShop vs SteelCity

List Price 01-02-09:
$1,099.99 >>

4) JET JPS-10

13 Forum Recommendations
Tom Hintz reviewed and recommends this one regularly in forum discussions about hybrid saws
4 stars + 9 reviews in Amazon

Reviews of the Jet ProShop:
JET JPS-10TS ProShop Saw review by Tom Hintz

Forum Discussions:
“Jet ProShop Table Saw – Experiences or Opinions”
Jet Proshop vs TS3650 (Ridgid Forum)
Delta Hybrid or Jet Pro Shop (WoodNet)
Jet ProShop vs SteelCity

Video: JET ProShop Table Saw Review by Tom Hintz

List Price 01-02-09:
$999.99 >>

5) Woodtek 148-271

1 Forum Recommendation
#1 at Fine Woodworking for Value and Performance (which made this the most over-discussed saw of 2008…)
#3 at Consumer Search

Woodtek Reviews:
Woodtek – 148-271 Hybrid Tablesaw brief review by Fine Woodworking

Forum Discussion:
Wait for Woodtek 10″ Hybrid…or

List Price 01-02-09:
$929.99 >>

6) Dewalt DW746X

3 Forum Recommendations
#3 at Tools of the Trade

DeWalt DW746X Reviews:
DeWalt Woodworker’s Table Saw DW746 (epinions)
4 stars, 17 reviews at Amazon

List Price 01-02-09:
$1,174.93 >>

7) Delta 36-717

2 Forum Recommendations

Delta 36-717 Reviews:
Delta – 36-717 Hybrid Tablesaw in Fine Woodworking
Delta 36-714 10-Inch Left Tilt Hybrid Saw Lumber Jocks
4 Stars + 34 Reviews at Amazon

Forum Discussion:
Delta Hybrid or Jet Pro Shop (WoodNet)
Delta 36-717 Hybrid/Biese BT3Central
Delta Hybrid SMC

List Price 01-02-09:
$1,149.00 >>

8) General 50-220C M1

1 Forum Recommendation

General 50-220C M1 Reviews:
General International Table Saw Model 50-220CL M1
General Int’l 50-200 Cabinet Table Saw Epinions

Forum Discussion:
General 50-220C Table Saw (SMC)

US Distributors for General >>

9) Shop Fox W1748

1 Forum Recommendation

List Price 01-02-09:
$979.99 >>

10) Hitachi C10LA

Hitachi C10LA Reviews:
Hitachi – C10LA Cabinet Saw – Roland Johnson in Fine Woodworking
Hitachi C10FL 10″ Stationary Table Saw Lumber Jocks

List Price 01-02-09:
$1,407.78 >>

Hybrid Table Saw Ranking Resources
The “forum recommendations” mentioned above are any time a forum member makes a purchase recommendation (“I have/had this saw and love/d it”) for a given saw. In the case of the Woodtek, which got great reviews from Fine Woodworking, there weren’t any forum/user reviews available so we ranked it lower than other more tried and true favorites. In cases where a saw had multiple thumbs up from magazines we ranked these above saws more popular in the forums. We tend to skew towards forum recommendations as a key indicator for making our recommendations though there are certainly issues of objectivity. That said, magazine reviews are far from objective too. ALWAYS try a saw before you buy to make sure it fits your needs and expectations. If you can’t try it, don’t buy it.

Pro Review Sources:
Hybrid Table Saws (Tools of the Trade)
Hybrid Saws (ConsumerSearch.com review aggregation)

Hybrid Table Saw Resources from ToolCrib:
Grizzly 1023 vs. Delta Unisaw and Craftsman Hybrid
A Table Saw Buying Guide: Benchtop vs Contractor vs Cabinet vs Hybrid

Hybrid Table Saw Forum Discussions:
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