What good is a miter saw if you don’t have a stand? As one forum poster said: “I’m tired of putting my chop saw on the floor!” Let this free miter saw plan collection inspire your next project, whether you’re building a mobile miter saw stand for your shop or a miter saw station with 16′ of bench. In addition to plans we gathered pictorial/tutorial walkthroughs that don’t have plans but are filled with great design ideas.

Here’s what you’ll find in this collection:
>> 3 Shop-Made Miter Saw Stand Awards
>> 9 Miter Saw Table, Station and Stand Plans
>> 9 Miter Saw Table Pictorial/Construction Notes
>> 3 Tips, Tricks, Ideas for Building Your Own Miter Saw Stand
>> Video: 2 Miter Saw Stand Video Resources
>> 6 Paid Miter Saw Table Plans
>> 18 Forum Conversations On Shop-Built Miter Saw Stands
>> 20 More Free Woodworking Plan Collections from ToolCrib.com

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>>3 Shop-Made Miter Saw Stand Awards
If you review all the plans, ideas and photos in this DIY miter saw stand collection you will undoubtedly agree that these three deserve honorable mention above all others. Not necessarily because you will build them… But because they are several cuts above the norm (…or Nahm I guess you could say ;)) Two of these three include plans.

“You Can’t Use That In the Shop!” Award:
Mobile Chop Saw Stand

“The majority of the project is 3/4” furniture grade oak plywood and I added some walnut trim pieces and inlay to the drawer to improve the overall looks.”

“Swiss Army Knife” Mobile Tool Station Award:
Ultimate Tool Stand (Includes a Miter Saw Station)

“For those of us who share shop space with a car or a washer and dryer, elbowroom is always a problem. This tool stand is the answer. In seconds you can shift from a chop saw station to a huge router table and then to a portable planer stand with infeed and outfeed support.”

“Metallica’s Heavy Metal” Award:

“The following instructions and drawings are for constructing a stand for an abrasive or dry-cut chopsaw for cutting metal. This stand swivels the whole saw, while leaving the stock in place. It allows you to cut 20 and 24 foot long stock from either side. The stand stores in about 6 foot of floor space when not in use and extends to almost 28 feet – 14 feet each side of the saw when in use.”
Forum thread where someone built and modified the above system: Chop Saw Stand & Conveyor – Home Project

>>9 Miter Saw Table, Station and Stand Plans
Here are the miter saw tables, stations and stands – shop mobile as well as jobsite mobile – I could find in my research. These 8 all include plans (or approximations of plans), as opposed to the build write ups and “tours” just below.

Chris Baylor’s Portable Miter Saw Stand

“When all was said and done, I had a very strong twelve-foot long stand that could be easily disassembled into six easily-transportable pieces, and set back up in seconds.”

Sliding Compound Miter Saw Workstation

“I put the lumber storage below, the saw with a dust collection hood on top, and sheet good storage in the back.”

Portable Mitre Saw Station (PDF)

From Australian Woodsmith – ie in METRIC

Ultimate Miter Saw Stand (Mobile)

“What I had in mind for Popular Woodworking’s shop would have a dead-on stop system and collapsible wings so the stand would take up less space. The top of this stand adjusts up and down so you can line up the saw’s table with the wings. And the kicker to the whole thing is that the cart is made from one sheet each of 3?4″ and 1?2″ plywood, with some solid wood trim.”
Also in Sketchup: Ultimate Miter Saw Stand from Popular Woodworking Magazine October 2002

Dual Tool Station

“…this dual tool station allows me to make better use of both tools without tying up my bench.”

Miter Saw Stand (from Sketchup)

“This is a miter saw stand I built from plans in Shop Notes magazine. Grabbed the saw model from a buddy.”

Miter Saw Station by Doug (from Sketchup)

“This station I designed to take up one wall of my shop, but would also work well in a garage”

Miter Saw Workbench by Daveysprocket (from Sketchup)

“White oak framed workbench designed to support long wood utilizing a dual bevel compound miter saw”

chop saw station (from Sketchup)

>>9 Miter Saw Table Pictorial/Construction Notes
It seems that miter saw tables invite more modifications and variations than other plan collections I’ve made in the past. I think this is largely because so many woodworking forum-goers use these pictorials and construction notes to convey their build process. These include more design tweaks than the plans above, however they require a higher level of design-it-yourself ability.

Cantilevered Miter Stand – Construction Pictorial by Jim Becker

“Many folks have asked for more information about the construction process for the cantilevered miter station I built in early 2001 for my shop. Below is a pictorial from start to finish.”


“I had seen plans online for a CMS station that incorporated fold-up wings for longer pieces. Instead of buying these plans, I just decided to wing it and design it myself (using the rough dimensions of the space I had available as well as the dimensions that would let me get the most out of my available wood).”

Chop Saw Station by Steve Wilson

“In the shop the best solution is to mount your chop saw on a bench along a large wall (see the New Yankee Workshop) but for the home shop you usually can’t dedicate the space for it, hence the Chop Saw Station.”

Miter Saw Station by Mike from Winton

“After a lengthy search, plans for a miter saw station were discovered in ShopNotes, Issue Number 31 (January, 1997). The back issue was ordered and materials collected. The basic design was good but there were several improvements made to the original design…”

Bill Esposito’s Sliding Compound Miter Saw Station and Storage

“I just happened to watch Norm and he had a two part show on building a CMS station and storage. I liked the cabinets and decided that I would try to build something like that. I needed the storage and I thought it would be great to get all my tools out of the sawdust. I watched the show a few more times and then sketched out my design. The big difference was going to be the saw station because the SCMS has a whole different set of mounting requirements. The SCMS is much bigger than a CMS and just the opposite from Norms design, needs to be mounted towards the front edge of the bench to provide enough room for the slider, not the rear like an CMS”

Miter Saw Station

“After using the cabinet for a while the only thing I would change from the way I built it is to install drawers in the cabinet instead of the doors and shelves…”

Chop saw work station

“This is one of my first projects. I used the plans and story from ””Wood Magazine’s annual storage/shop issue from 2007””

Portable Chop Saw Stand by No Wood Unturned

“The assembled unit. Idea based on plans from an old Shop Notes. My design.”

Customizing an AD & E saw Stand

“For those who have an American Design and Engineering Saw Helper saw stand, here’s a few ways to set the stand up for a Bosch 4412 without sacrificing the built-in sliding tables”

>>3 Tips, Tricks, Ideas for Building Your Own Miter Saw Stand
Some of these will surprise you – some will look painfully familiar to your own current set up ;)

Use an Old Grill
“I was just at a local woodworker’s club meeting last week and saw an idea that struck me as just about brilliant. There was an article in their newsletter about resurecting an old bar-b-que grill and making it into a miter saw stand. Most of these are on wheels and the frame, sans the cooker and gas tank makes a nice starting point for a mobile miter saw rig. You can build drop down wings on each side and end up with 6 or 7 feet of total board space across this type of set up.”
Mike Marlow

“I just bolt the saw to a piece of plywood and clamp the plywood to some saw horses. Then I use my roller stands on each side.”
Tony Cox in SMC

A folding miter-saw stand built from ironing board

“I modified an old folding ironing board into a portable stand for my miter saw. I affixed a 3/4-in. plywood top to the stand, bolted the saw to it, and added a couple of 2x blocks on each side to act as outfeed supports…”

>>Video: 2 Miter Saw Stand Video Resources
Video: Miter-Saw-Stand Madness
“In this video, contributing editor Mike Guertin explains the four different classes of miter-saw-stands and the benefits of each. He also highlights important parts of each stand, and which models—well—stand out.”

Video: Before & After Shop Upgrade
“With a few sheets of plywood, MDF, some 2x4s, and common hardware, you can build this complete storage system and workcenter. It’s designed for maximum utility in a minimum amount of space” Looks alot like the Ultimate Stand above… G

>>6 Paid Miter Saw Table Plans
I don’t make a habit of including paid plans in my plan collections. It just seemed that many, many woodworkers started from paid plans for their miter saw tables. Especially Norm’s. All of these came from my forum research. None of these provide us with any revenue if you buy them. Shop Amazon through our pages if you want to kick us some nickels ;)

Chop Saw Station (by Norm Abram)
Norm’s miter saw station/workbench -Great discussion of making modifications to Norm’s plans.
Miter Saw Station Woodworking Plan
Mobile Mitersaw Center Woodworking Plan
Mitersaw Station
Mobile Mitersaw Center Woodworking Plan
Mobile Miter Saw Station

>> 18 Forum Conversations On Shop-Built Miter Saw Stands
For the most part I found the build galleries in forums, along with links to the paid plans… For those in the planning stage, reading through these threads may provide little sparks of insight and ideas.

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Where can I find plans for building a stand for my compound mitre saw?

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