Common woodworking wisdom states that one can NEVER have enough clamps. It follows therefore that as one continues to obtain clamps the need for storage solutions increases RAPIDLY. I scoured the internet to bring you our latest free plan collection. May you always have enough clamps, or at least enough clamp storage ;)

>> 1 Ingenious Space Saver Award:
>> 1 Mega Clamp Mobile Storage Champ Award:
>> 1 Bench Mounted Clamp Storage Plan
>> 2 Ceiling Mounted Clamp Storage Plans
>> 3 Pipe Clamp Storage Plans
>> 4 Mobile Clamp Storage Cart Plans
>> 1 Band Clamp Storage Idea
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>> Ingenious Space Saver Award:
Space-saving Bar Clamp Racks

“With this design, I can put 30 clamps on the wall within the space for ten, and each clamps are still within easy reach.”

>> Mega Clamp Mobile Storage Champ Award:
Sam Rogers’ Mobile Woodworking Clamp Storage

“I started this project to see if I could have convenient (mobile) and effective clamp storage while cutting down on the space requirements a little.”

>> Bench Mounted Clamp Storage Plans
Clamp Rack/Bench Combo

“Where’s the best place to hang your clamps? Right where you use them–at the clamping bench.”

>> Ceiling Mounted Clamp Storage Plans
PVC Clamp Holders

“Each section is a piece of “two-by” stock that gets screwed to the ceiling joists. Next a series of PVC holders is attached. The 2?-dia. PVC holders have a cutout that makes it easier to get the clamps in and out of the rack.”

Overhead Clamp Holder

“When I need a clamp or two, I simply reach up, lift the plywood off its hangers and remove the clamps I need.”

>> Pipe Clamp Storage Plans
Pipe Clamp Storage Cart

“Each side of the cart stores nine pipe clamps (36 total) in the aligned holes of the two ring levels. Center of cart is for storage of Bessey clamps…”

The heavy weight champ of pipe-clamp racks

“Sturdy steel rods won’t bend or break. By building this pipe-clamp rack (it takes no time at all), you can store dozens of clamps in a small space.”

Pipe Clamp Storage

“if you cut a section of 1? pipe lengthwise, a little off center, the ¾? pipe of the clamp will snap securely into it. So my clamp rack is simply a series of pipe sections screwed to a piece of plywood”

More Pipe Clamp Storage Ideas (no plans)

>> Mobile Clamp Storage Cart Plans
Rolling Clamp Rack

“an A-frame clamp rack that you can size to fit the number of clamps you have in your shop.”

Making a Portable Clamp Rack (via woodshopdemos)

“It is always fun to see Andrea. She is full of life. The two of us will put together a rolling clamp rack.”

Mobile Clamp Cart from Popular Woodworking Magazine October 2007 issue

“This clamp storage cart was featured in the October 2007 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine.”

3 Clamp Storage Plans: Wall Rack, C-Clamps and Mobile Caddy (pdf)

Starts on the 6th page of this PDF.

>> Band Clamp Storage Idea
Band clamp strap holders

“I got tired of finding my band clamps all balled up in a drawer, so I devised these ultra-simple holders to keep them in order.”

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