Getting that first straight edge on your working board spawned a class of power tool known as the jointer (and way way back when it spawned the jointer plane, but we don’t get very galoot ’round these parts ;) Luckily for those who need straight edges on rough lumber – and whose space or cash allowance don’t cover new power tools – there are at least 6 jigs out there that keep you on the straight and narrow.

1) Table Saw Jointer Jig Plans

“…learn how to build a simple table saw jointer jig that will give you clean, straight edges from which to do glue-ups, make other joints or just ensure a clean edge for that piece of stock.”

2) Table Saw Jointing Jig

“The table saw jointing jig is actually a sled with a straight face on one side that rides against the fence and a bed on the other side to which a crooked piece of wood can be secured.”

3) Jointing On A Table Saw

“You don’t need a jointer to get a straight, square edge on a board. An L-shaped auxiliary fence makes it easy to “joint” a board on a table saw.”

4) Using a Table Saw as an Edge Jointer

“Cover the rip fence on the table saw with a sacrificial saddle fence. Next, bring the blade up to the height of the piece you on which you want to make the jointer cut.”

5) Tod Evans’ Table Saw “Straightline” Jointer Jig (Evans Edger)

“The simplest ideas are often the best, and they don’t come much simpler than Tod’s method of putting a straight edge on a rough board which he outlined on another thread the other day. For those who missed it I have explained it in more detail here. I had 15 boards of oak to ‘straightline’ yesterday and what would have taken me a couple of hours was done in 30 minutes.”

6) Straight-Edge Cutting Jig

“Here’s a reliable way to rip straight edges onto ragged-edge boards.”

7) Jointing on the Table Saw (PDF)

“Woodworking is a lot more fun when you can work with edges that are straight, smooth, and square. That’s not a problem if you own a jointer. But what if you don’t?”

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“At our wood club the other night, one of the guys told us how his dad use to joint boards w/o a jointer. He would hand plane to the best he could, then glue the two boards together. He would then run the glue up through the table saw, cutting on the glued line. He would then have two boards “jointed”, and this way would also be able to match grain, etc.”
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