This post on wooden bikes got a little out of control… It started out as a “jaw dropper golly gee neato!” post when I spotted this golly-gee-neato wooden bike (it really is amazing by the way, and would be a challenge for the most proficient, skilled woodworker):

Then I wondered if any free wooden bike plans existed out there, and next thing I knew my quick, short post on wooden bikes turned into a monster ;) Here’s what you’ll find:

>> A High Speed History of Wooden Bikes
>> 10 Free Wooden Bike Plans + Build Notes/Pics
>> Wooden Bike Wheels + Add Ons + Etcetera
>> 2 Fee Wooden Bike Plans
>> 3 Wooden Bike Manufacturers
>> Wood Bike Pics + Design Inspiration
>> 3 Wooden Bike Videos
>> 21 More Free Woodworking Plan Collections from

>> A High Speed History of Wooden Bikes
Wooden bikes are old news. Early bike builders always used wood in their frames, if not the wheels and joints. Heck, early fighter plane builders used wood, though not in the frames – and it held up fine. Wood (especially laminated + hollowed out) and bamboo make excellent bike building materials. In some areas, wood remains the de facto bike building material.

For the doubters and overly passionate woodbike fans, here’s a rebuttal against using wood for bikes from someone who claims woodworking + biking experience. Though not a combination of the two yet I believe…

>> 10 Free Wooden Bike Plans + Build Notes/Pics
Initially I intended to have separate sections for free wooden bike plans and wooden bike build-walk-throughs with pictures. However, I only found one “traditional” free plan (pdf form, printable, ready to cut) for wooden bikes. Everything else was build notes and pictures, which in some ways are more useful. Some ways less. I hope this collection of links – many to recumbent or ‘bents – inspires your wooden bike project! Also note, only one of these bikes is all wood.

The Dayton Fireball: A Wooden Coaster Bike for Kids

Dayton Fireball PDF >>

Wooden Wedge Bike

Wooden Walker Bike

Same bike, different source: Wooden Bike Plans

WoodTrike Plans

WoodTrike Plans PDF >>

How to Build a Bamboo Bicycle

Cheap Short Wheelbase Wood Conversion Recumbent Bike: “The WidowMaker”

Making an All Wooden Bicycle – Build Notes from Lee Valley Newsletter

A funny response to this all wooden bike: I Am Not Impressed By Your Wooden Bike

The Mistress: Wooden + Carbon Fiber Frame Recumbent Bike

Wonderful writeup, incredible craftsmanship. Description from the creator: “This site describes how I built my own recumbent bicycle using plywood, carbon fiber sleeves, borrowed tools and a Foodsaver vacuum bagger.”

Bike #1 Design: “Woody” (Build Notes + Pics of a Recumbent, Wooden Frame Bike)

Drawing + Specs of Woody 1 >>

Driftwood Bike Build Notes and Pics

>> Wooden Bike Wheels + Add Ons + Etcetera
Wooden bike makers may find these other plans/descriptions useful.

Steps for Building Wooden Spoked Wheels
The pictures are dead here – doh! You will have to use your imagination + read the instructions.

WOOD BENDING Applied Mechanics in Wheel-Making “Hub” November 1878 >>

List of 1800s Articles in Book on Wooden Wheel Making >>

How I made my wood fenders

Bicycle Lathe Plans

2 Fee Wooden Bike Plans

2 x 4 Lowracer build notes and pics
2 X 4 LOWRACER build notes

Autocanoe: Pedal Powered Amphibious Recumbent Tricycle

>> 3 Wooden Bike Manufacturers
Peter Hans Wooden Bike Frames for sale
Bamboo Mountain Bikes for sale
Renovo Hardwood Bicycles – The base price is $2300 including most woods, not including fork.

>> Wood Bike Pics + Design Inspiration:
Wooden Bikes – the master of wooden bikes, using CAD (cardboard assisted design)
Recumbent Share (not all wood, though all are hand made)
Wooden Bicycles links + Pics
Bicycles made out of wood
Custom Wood Bicycle – Woody
wooden bikes pics
Wooden Bikes – more historic/agrarian/utility wooden bikes
3D Cad design of wooden bike
WOODEN ART – article on wooden bikes
Wooden Bike Article
BAMBUCICLETAS – Bamboo Bike Article
Bent Ply Bike Sketches
more wooden bikes

>> 3 Wooden Bike Videos
homemade wooden frame recumbent bike

WR2 the Wood ReCYCLE Recumbent

Wood-Burning Mini Bike (for getting rid of your design mistakes ;)

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