Milling rough stock into usable lumber typically separates the handy-folk from the woodworkers. The jointer makes further milling possible by giving you a perfectly flat face and edge. Once you have a true “flatness” point for departure you can then continue milling your board to the right thickness.

And even though we recommend a 6″ Jointer over an 8″ here it’s also true that an 8″ is the most often recommended width in the woodworking forums. So that’s why we researched the prevailing opinion on 8″ jointers. We only found one magazine jointer review, from 2005 and it was hidden behind FWW’s paywall.

If you’re not familiar with what a jointer is or how it works, scroll down to the video section below to watch “The Jointer’s Jumpin” from The WoodWhisperer. Or click here >>

If it’s just straight edges you want (and not a new power tool ;) then read 7 Table Saw Jointing Jig Plans: Straight Edge, No Jointer.

Here’s what you’ll find in this article:
>> Top 9 Comparison: 8 Inch Jointers
>> 31 Jointer Recommendation Forum Threads
>> 5 Jointer-Related Forum Debates
>> 5 Jointer Videos
>> 16 More Top Tool Comparisons from Tool Crib

>> Top 9 Comparison: 8 Inch Jointers
There are few surprises in here for folks who know their jointers. Except for maybe the Harbor Freight model there in the #9 position ;) I was not able to track down a company site for Yorkcraft… please assist if you have more information!

1) Delta DJ-20 (37-380) 8 Inch Jointer

47 Forum Recommendations
Delta – 8-in. Jointer 37-380
“The least noisy of the jointers tested, the Delta 37-380 has a fence that moves on a rack-and-pinion gear, making it very easy to move by turning a knob. The table infeed is adjusted with a lever; the outfeed, with a handwheel. The table-locking handle is sturdier and more comfortable than most.”
Delta 37-380 8″ Jointer by John H
Delta DJ20 vs Grizzly GO490 jointers

2) Grizzly 8 Inch Jointer

44 Forum Recommendations Overall
G0586: 7 Recommendations
G0593: 2 Recommendations
Grizzly Industrial – 8-in. Jointer G0586
“Priced at $625 (the lowest price of those we compared) this machine is an excellent value.”
Grizzly G0586 Jointer
Grizzly 8″ Jointer Model G0586 review
Grizzly G0586 8″ Jointer review
Grizzly G0586 8″ Jointer – Dust Collection
Grizzly G0593 8″ Jointer w/spiral cutting head
Grizzly Jointer G0490 & G0593
Reviews: Grizzly GO586 8-Inch Jointer
G0490X 8″ Jointer w/ Spiral Cutterhead
Review – Grizzly 8″ Jointer G0490
Problem with motor on Grizzly G0500 8-inch jointer

3) Shop Fox W1741

16 Forum Recommendations
Which jointer SF W1741 or Griz G0593
My new Shop Fox W1741 8″ jointer Gloat/Review
Shop Fox 8″ jointer – W1741 – review
Shop Fox W1741 Owners Manual (PDF)

4) Yorkcraft yc-8j 8 Inch Jointer

11 Recommendations
Yorkcraft YC-8J 8″ Jointer Review
Yorkcraft – 8-in. Jointer YC-8J
“The least expensive of the models tested, it’s the only jointer in the group that includes a rolling base.”

5) Sunhill 8 Inch Jointer

4 Forum Recommendations
Sunhill Machinery – 8-in. Jointer CT-204L
“The Sunhill has one of the longer tables of the models tested, but extensions must be bolted to both ends to reach the longer length. The table is adjusted with a handwheel, and the table-lock lever is small. The fence-locking lever is in back and tended to slip, causing the fence to get hung up.”

6) Powermatic 60B 8 Inch Jointer

4 Recommendations
Powermatic – 8-in. Jointer 60B
“The Powermatic combines wheel and lever table adjustment to offer the best of both options: a lever with a built-in dial that makes fine-tuning easy.”
POWERMATIC PJ-882HH 8″ Parallelogram Jointer Review

7) Jet JJ-8CS 8 Inch Jointer

2 Recommendations
Jet – 8-in. Jointer JJ-8CS
“The fence-locking lever on this model is located in back, and it had a tendency to slip and hang up the fence. Finally, the knives arrived nicked and had to be honed before using.”
JET 8″ Closed Stand Jointer JJ-8CS Epinions
Jet JJ-8CS Jointer Review from ’98

8) Steel City 8 Inch 40605 Jointer

1 Recommendation
Review: Steel City 8″ Industrial parallelogram jointer 40605
Steel City Tool Works 8″ Industrial Jointer (40605)

9) Harbor Freight 8 Inch

1 Recommendation
Harbor Freight 8″ Jointer Review
“Overall, I’m more than happy with this jointer for the price. There was no shipping cost or long transport as I ordered through the store and picked it up a week later. I’m very happy with it!”
HF 8″ jointer worth $320
Feedback on Harbor Freight Jointers
8″ Rabbeting Jointer

>> 31 Jointer Recommendation Forum Threads
Cheap 8″ jointer if you had to buy today… ???
“Jointer shopping burn out!” (2007)
8 inch jointer
buying a new 8 inch jointer
The DJ20 also takes up a lot more shop space. Is it really that much better?
8″ Jointer and 15″ Planer -Delta or General? (2004)
Oasis 8 inch Jointer Knockoff of Delta (2004)
8″ Canwood Jointer
Which Grizzly 8 inch jointer G0656 or G0586?
HELP! 8″ Jointer Advice, Pick Your Favorite
used 8″ griz jointer price?
Opinions on Delta DJ-20 8″ jointer
Harbor Freight 8″ Jointer or 6″
best 8″ jointer (with requirements)
Which jointer?
Open the can of worms Jointers Shaper, and Planers oh my
Craftex 8″ Jointer
Help with purchasing an 8″ jointer!
Looking at an 8″ jointer
Makita 8″ jointer
New 8″ Jointer Arrived
Shopping for 8″ Jointer
Grizzly G0490/Shop Fox W1741 8″ Jointer
Car Analogy for Jointer Decision… Help…
buying a jointer
Lookin for advice on a jointer
What size, type of Jointer to buy?
Which jointer?
Considering the G0495X jointer
I want a quality Jointer

>> 5 Jointer-Related Forum Debates:
Cabinet Saw or 8″ Jointer
Minimax 14″ J/P vs. Grizzly 20″ Planer & 8″ Jointer
Jet JJP-12 Combo versus 8″ Grizzly Jointer and DW735 Planer
Jointer reviews
What to buy next? Jointer? or Thickness Planer?

>> 5 Jointer Videos
Woodworking #6 – The Jointer’s Jumpin’

WOODWORKING – Jointers – Setting & Using

Powermatic PJ-882HH 8″ Parallelogram Jointer Review

How to Use Basic Woodworking Tools : What Is a Jointer Used For?
8-in. Jointers Under $1,400 (2005 video)

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