In 1992 Dutch contractor Johan Huibers “dreamt that Holland disappeared in enormous masses of water, something like the Tsunami in South-East Asia.” Though according to his site this does not mean he anticipates a new flood, he just wanted to bring peoples’ attention back to the story by building a full-size wooden ark.

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He began building the Ark in June 2005, fourteen years after his dream. According to the site: “This Ark is half of the original length of Noah’s Ark and a third of the width. This Ark is built on a barge that can be moved with a tug boat, so that’s how the Ark is able to visit different places in Holland.”

I scoured his site, and the web at large but could not find free plans for a half or even full size replica… I wonder what Noah did with the original drawings ;)

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Noah’s Ark in Sketchup (I think you can download and build from that model – I really need to get to know Sketchup better…)

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