WARNING: Do not play this game at home – it will eat into your shop time ;)

Matthias Wandel, a “mad scientist” of woodworking(*), created a game that tests your ability to estimate or “eyeball” angles, straightness and distance.

Play the Eyeballing Game >>

To play the game you click and adjust the points to perform the functions requested by each test (find midpoints, bisect angles, find triangle and circle centers, etc.) Above please note the very first eyeballing test in which I attempted to eyeball a parallelogram. I got within 6.3 units – average according to his stats for this particular test. I played through all 21 estimates yesterday and got a 4.58 over par. 0 is the best you can get.

My sources(**) indicate that use of calipers or a protractor and massively increased mouse sensitivities (set dpi as low as possible) result in better scores.

Post your scores in the comments please – as noted, my best so far is 4.58. Please, please no one beat that as I have a great deal of writing to do today ;)

(*) Proof Wandel’s a mad scientist of woodworking:
1) Check out the top 3 mobile bases in this plan collection.
2) Check out the Wooden Machines section of his website.
3) His marble machines free him from the time consuming task of playing with marbles so he can take over the world.
4) Check out his non-woodworking inventions and experiments (such as “Dropping a heavy steel weight on electronics”) for final proof.

(**) My Sources
The Eyeballing Game
Cast An Eyeball At This