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Parody. It’s seen far too rarely in the woodworking world (though sometimes TOO frequently in the woodworking forums ;). In the case of the iWood, some crafty and overly grumpy bambooworkers take iPhone lovers to task… And I laughed. And I suppose it should be noted that I don’t have an iPhone ;P

Over the past couple years I don’t think I’ve written once about an awesome tool advertisement… New tools, sure, PR stunts like that video of SawStop CEO Steve Gass shoving his finger into a spinning saw blade, sure, but no full-on ADs. Well, this ad for Makita drills REALLY caught my eye…

I’m a big fan of tracks and circ saws… for me it all started with EurekaZone, and the moment I discovered that woodworking doesn’t always require a table saw. The success of EurekaZone and Festool’s TS 55 has brought DeWalt and Makita into the market. When there’s more competition, everyone wins… In this track saw […]

In November I wrote about Nail Jack Tools, Inc. and their intentions to purchase the Vise-Grip plant. Speaking to the World-Herald Bureau, Michael Foley, owner of Nail Jack, Inc., said “the deal is over.” According to the news story, “To continue, Foley said, he would have had to put up an additional $30,000 nonrefundable deposit […]

Keep the dust down while sanding… with a downdraft table! There were relatively few “true plans” available for downdraft tables. Build notes with pictures make up the majority of the resources below. Also I included the 18 forum threads I found about downdraft tables – you’ll find great ideas swapped there if you’re building your […]