Space. The final frontier. The eternal quest. No matter how space much you have it’s never enough.

This plan collection gathers all the free work surface expanding plans I could find using the best search engine technology known to man. If just one woodworker, somewhere in the world, expands his or her workspace by several square feet and breathes a sigh of relief then I consider my work a success ;)

>> The Laptop for Woodworkers
>> The Mega “Sawhorse”
>> 3 Work Station Plans
>> 4 Rolling Workshop Cart Plans
>> 5 Work Table Plans
>> 2 More Workstation Resources
>> 25 More Free Woodworking Plan Collections from

>> The Laptop for Woodworkers
Multi-Purpose Table

>> The Mega “Sawhorse”
MegaSawhorses (PDF)

>> 3 Work Station Plans
Knock-Down Workstation Accessories

Modular Workstation

Fold-Down Workstation

>> 4 Rolling Workshop Cart Plans
Roll-Around Work Cart

Roll-Around Shop Cart

Roll-Around Tool Cart

Small Shop Cart

>> 5 Work Table Plans
Folding Worktable

Build a Portable Shop Table

Work Table

Knock-Down Worktable

Knock-Down Clamping Table

>> 2 More Workstation Resources
Workstation plans anyone?

Building Woodshop Workstations By Danny Proulx

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