16 plans and build notes. 22 related forum threads. Your planer will never be the same. Whether you’re operating a lunchbox planer in your 1/2 garage workshop or have a basement workshop suite this plan and build notes collection will help you get the most out of your planer.

From Planer stands to planer carts, to planer sleds and jigs, this collection brings them all under one roof.

Here’s what you’ll find:
>>4 Planer Stand and Table Plans and Build Notes
>>6 Planer Cart/Mobile Station Plans and Build Notes
>>4 Planer Sled Plans
>>2 Planer Jig Plans
>>2 More Planer Resources
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>>4 Planer Stand and Table Plans and Build Notes
Portable Planer Stand

Infeed/Outfeed Table for a Portable Planer

no pics version of this article

How to Build a Shopmade Planer Table

Planer In/Out Feed Table

7 Planer Stand/Table Forum Discussions
My new Planer stand
Thickness Planer Infeed/Outfeed Table
Planer stand ideas?
Portable Planer Stand
Planer Stand Ideas
Planer stand
Flip top planer stand

>>6 Planer Cart/Mobile Station Plans and Build Notes
Mobile Planer Cart

Planer Cart

Planer Cart

The Planer Cart – Getting Started

Mobile Planer Station

Mobile Tool Cart/ Work Bench

5 Planer Cart Forum Discussions
Flip Top Planer Cart
Planer Cart
Planer Cart
Let’s see your planer stands/carts
Looking for pics of planer tables/stands in LJ’s workshops

>>4 Planer Sled Plans
Flatten Boards without a Jointer

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Planer Sled Salvages Short Pieces

Planer Sled

No Snipe Planer Sled

A Planer Sled for Milling Lumber (Keith Rust Video)

8 Forum Threads about Planer Sleds
Planer sled
Planer Sled Length
Flattening boards with a planer
Planer Sled 2.0
Simple question…
Looking for plans for a planer sled
Plans for a planer sled to use for jointing?
Alternative planer sled

>>2 Planer Jig Plans
Planer through/infeed edge jigs

Doug Abbott’s Planer Blade Sharpening Jig

Jointer and planer knives setting jig.

Planer Knife Setting Jigs

Planer Knife Setting with Bob Vaughn

Jointer and Planer Knife Setting with Bob Vaughan

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