Edge jointing with a router – like edge jointing with a table saw – is another common method for making jointable edges without a jointer (…check out our 8″ jointer comparison if you’re considering the purchase).

Planing with a jointer – a tedious but do-able process – is a lesser-recommended technique for finishing the faces of your boards.

This article isn’t a how-to – it’s a collection of all the how-to’s and forum discussions I could find on the subject. It usually takes me a few times hearing something before I understand (just ask my wife ;)) so I figure it won’t hurt you to hear it from several different perspectives.

Here’s what you’ll find:
>> 5 Planing with a Router Resources
>> 9 Pro Articles on Jointing with a Router Table
>> 7 Forum Discussions on Router Jointing
>> 1 Router Jointing Product
>> 2 Jointing with a Router Videos

>> 5 Planing with a Router Resources
Most pros say it’s impossible, maybe they mean it’s impossibly tedious. Here are the few router planing resources I could dig up:

Router sled planer
“This is a sled that I made a couple years back before I bought a portable planer. It can help you to get a clean face on some rough sawn lumber.”

Planing with a Router – RouterForums (where else? ;))
-note the majority of the excellent discussion here revolves around building your own thicknesser rather than planing with your router ;)

Detailed Description of Planing with a Router – From that Router Forum Thread
“A few weeks ago, I had to flatten a board… I don’t have a thickness planer, etc…. I thought of the Router method… I quickly made a jig to do it… It was super simple and it worked great!!”

Using a Router to plane a Board Face – Router Forums

Surfacing Stock with a Router
– No pics, good description

>> Edge Jointing with a Router
Edge Jointing with a router is one of the most common non-jointer methods for getting straight and true edges on rough-milled lumber.

>> 9 Pro Articles on Jointing with a Router Table
Jointing With A Router: A workable compromise – Tom Hintz
“Let’s be clear. A dedicated jointer will always be the best choice for straightening the edge of a board. With proper setup and technique an edge can be made reasonably straight and square with a router.”
-See his video below, in the video section.

“A routertable is no substitute for a jointer but it can be handy for the short run, especially when used on material unfriendly to HSS jointer knives.”

Jointing on a Router Table (PDF) – WoodSmith
“A jointer has separate infeed and outfeed tables that are offset from each other. To create the same effect on the router table, I attached a piece of plastic laminate to the left (outfeed) side of the router table fence.”

Jointing on router table WoodworkingTips
“Even if you don’t own a jointer, you can do a top-notch jointing job with a router table, a piece of plastic laminate, and a straight bit.”

Edge Jointing on a Router Table – David Thiel, DIY Network
“A really wavy edge may be difficult to deal with on a jointer, but with a jig you can take care of the problem on a router.”

Building the Poor Man’s Jointer (PDF) – Practical Sailor
“Even if you own one of the big 6-inch, cast iron variety, I’m betting that you’ll find lots of uses for this little one (and that you may never miss the big jointer, if you don’t have one).”

Jointing Boards With the Router -FineWoodworking Reader Write In
“If you don’t have a jointer, this easy-to-use jig lets you joint boards with a router.”

Can the router table serve as a jointer? – WoodShopDemos
“Can the router table serve as a joiner? About 6 years ago I was preparing a technical manual on a router table and the manufacturer insisted that it could work. I set it up and was amazed at how well it worked.”

Jointing on a Router Table: How to Use – ProvenWoodworking.com
“You can use your router table to joint the edges of wood. It is simple and fast. The results are excellent.”

>> 7 Forum Discussions on Router Jointing
problem jointing with router – LumberJocks
Excellent trouble-shooting discussion. Highly useful read for first-timers.

Edge jointing large stock with a router.
-AWESOME tutorial from the Woodwhisperer’s new forum.
“I do have a jointer, but still edge joint with a router for long boards. I find it easier to control, and sometimes quicker. Moving large or long stock over a 6″ jointer isn’t always an accurate process.”

jointing with a shaper – WoodWeb
“I do this everyday on a dedicated shaper I have setup to only edge joint lumber. I use an outboard fence, meaning that the work piece runs between the fence and cutter head.”

Jointing/Milling router jig – LumberJocks
“This jig can joint/mill anything from 1/4”-14”. I simply set the fence with a combination square & run it past a bottom bearing template bit.”

Router used as jointer – WoodNet
Good, basic discussion.

Jointing with a Router – RidgidForum
Basic discussion, useful observations.

Jointing long boards – RouterForums
Great discussions on edginglong stock with a router.

>> 1 Router Jointing Product
Using a Router Table as a Jointer
-A how-to from Rockler, with links to products they made for router jointing.

>> 2 Jointing with a Router Videos
Sometimes you have to see it to believe it. These videos will help you get the concept down.

Jointing With a Router (by Tom Hintz)

The Original Jimmy Jig/router jointing to a finished edge