Over the past couple years I don’t think I’ve written once about an awesome tool advertisement… New tools, sure, PR stunts like that video of SawStop CEO Steve Gass shoving his finger into a spinning saw blade, sure, but no full-on ADs.

Well, this ad for Makita drills REALLY caught my eye…

Looks just like a big drill on the wall, right?

Well, yeah, except they created the image using holes drilled by a Makita drill…

update… there’s a vid:

found via the power tool geek…

Here’s more of a closeup of the drill for a bit of detail:

Here’s what the lettering looks like a little closer:

And here’s the team at work:

Commenters on the feat noted: “To create the correct tones, the distances between the holes had to be very carefully calculated.”

And: “(Sort of like a Makita drill doing a huge self portrait…)”

But I guess we have to ask… will it sell more drills in Johannesburg, where they created this ad? If their goal was publicity then they certainly got that ;)

I found this story here:
Pic: 20,081 Holes Make An Ad

…and got my pics here:
Makita: 20 081 Holes