Parody. It’s seen far too rarely in the woodworking world (though sometimes TOO frequently in the woodworking forums ;). In the case of the iWood, some crafty and overly grumpy bambooworkers take iPhone lovers to task… And I laughed. And I suppose it should be noted that I don’t have an iPhone ;P

Check out the iWood site >>

Also, you can buy one for $10. I’ll see if I can get a free plan out of them ;)

The lengths they went to and depth of creativity will be most appreciated by actual iPhone owners. That said, I think anyone would laugh at the Meeting Ignore button, the image for which is too crass for our gentle readers ;)

I spotted this amazing wooden device over at BoingBoing Gadgets, where some even grumpier Apple fans rip into the iWood creators in the comments. Fights on the internet: wheee!

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