The Tool Crib

Writing and compiling 17 Free Garage Woodshop Plans: Ingenious Space Savers for Garage Workshops led me to Grizzly’s shop layout program. Their ingenious little Flash tool got me thinking – are there any other free woodshop layout tools available? After sending Google into overdrive I found that, yes there are other workshop layout software – […]

Most power tools come in heavy, protective blow molded plastic cases. Like this one: Woodnetter devildog1024 stirred up a whole mess of conversatin’ when he asked: “What do you do with your power tool cases? I have a dozen stacking up in my shop. Throw them out or keep them?”

The first week of May is safety week for woodworkers! To join in I read through a WoodNet forum thread What do YOU do when you make a mistake? and a blog post by Stu: Sometimes… Thanks to those two inspirations plus a good healthy dose of re-reading the Top Ten Most Dangerous Woodworking Power […]