52 free bench plans? COMING RIGHT UP!!!

This collection of free outdoor bench plans includes covered benches, storage benches, benches with no backs, the classic garden bench, benches with planters, tree benches AND MORE. Yup, that’s right, I worked Google to the bone building the biggest bench plan list EVER.

Whether you want to follow the plan exactly or use it as a source of inspiration, this guide to free garden bench plans should light your DIY fire ;)


Here’s what you’ll find below:
>>> 5 Bench Plan Awards
>>> 2 Covered Bench Plans
>>> 4 Bench Plans With Storage
>>> 9 Bench Plans with NO BACKS
>>> 3 Bench Plans: Backs + NO Arm Rests
>>> 10 Bench Plans: Backs + Arm Rests
>>> 11 Bench with Planter Plans
>>> 7 Tree Bench Plans

>>> 5 Bench Plan Awards
When you look through more than 50 different free bench plans, chances are good there will be a few that stand out from the pack. These six caught my eye… and then some ;) I hope you enjoy!

>Zen Moment Award
Power Sculpted Contemplation Bench

>Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Award
Convert Old Porch Swing to Outdoor Loveseat

>Most Creative Tree Bench Award
Pinwheel Tree Bench

>Dynamic Design Award
Build A Classic Porch Glider

Most Likely to Decompose Award
green wood rustic twig bench

>>> 2 Covered Bench Plans
Show the love of your life you mean business… with a romantic garden bench! These benches turn a walk in the garden into a relaxing intimate moment.


lattice-enclosed bench

>>> 4 Bench Plans With Storage
Stop wasting bench space – get the most out of your bench project with these storage bench plans. Perfect for decks.

Double Duty Deck Bench

DIY bench seat with storage

Build a storage seat

Handsome bench hides a hose (storage)

>>> 9 Bench Plans with NO BACKS
Don’t let them get too comfortable… Give them a garden bench with NO BACK. Watch out though… if they lay down you might not get them back up ;)

Saucy bench (no back)

Garden Bench (no back)

Build a Five-Board Bench

Garden Bench

Bench Plans

How To: Creating A Timeless Garden Bench

Deck Bench

How to build a simple garden bench or seat

A simple bench

>>> 3 Garden Bench Plans: Backs + NO Arm Rests
Arm rests can get in the way… of a good nap in the garden! Beware… these garden bench plans come without arm rests ;)

Bench Plans

Garden seat

Garden Bench

Folding Bench Patterns

>>> 10 Garden Bench Plans: Backs + Arm Rests
The classic garden bench – these designs look great in the garden setting.

Cedar Garden Bench Plans

Cedar Garden Bench Plans

Garden Bench


Build a Garden Bench

The Garden Bench

DIY Garden Benches


Build a Garden Bench

The Mendocino Bench

>>> 11 Bench with Planter Plans
Don’t let your benches get away with JUST holding you up. Put them to work greening up the environment with these bench and planter plans!

How to Build a Planter Bench

Modern planter bench

Handsome planter-bench

The Planting Bench of your dreams

Building a Bench Planter

Planter Bench

Planter Bench

Planter Bench

Make a Planter Bench


redwood bench with planters on each end

>>> 7 Tree Bench Plans
Tree benches can double the awesomeness of your trees… Not only are they beautiful shade givers, but you can sit comfortably beneath them in a bench! Just don’t chop the tree down to get lumber to build the bench… We don’t need any gifts of the Magi here ;)

Tree Bench

Build a tree bench

Tree Bench Plans

Build a Custom Tree Bench

Tree Bench

Circular TREE SEAT

>>>Our Outdoor Bench Plan Sources
Garden Bench Plans from BackYardSpaces.com
Garden Bench Plans from FreeWW
Garden Bench Plans from How Did I Do It
Garden Bench Plans from My Backyard Plans
Outdoor Benches from the Woodworker’s Workshop

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