I couldn’t believe that someone would actually build a cabinet, lock themselves in it and leave it on the street to be taken. Until I watched him tell the story… (note… some bad language in video…)

Lucas Murgida, the artist/prankster, used to work as a cabinet assembler in a factory and decided to use those skills to “explore” the differences between public and private spaces.

According to Murgida it wasn’t easy getting someone to bite: “Though I over heard many conversations, most people decided not to take the cabinet because the bottom drawers were locked or because it was too heavy.”

Once he DID get picked up I kind of get the feeling that he was rethinking his prank: “in less than a minute I was being rolled quickly down the sidewalk. We moved for about five minutes before we came to stop. I was then lifted and rolled up an incline. I couldn’t tell where I was and I was scared that I had been rolled into the back of a box truck.”

He ended up in the storage room of a restaurant… “By looking through the holes in the back of the cabinet I could see boxes and kitchen supplies. I had been rolled into the storage room of a restaurant. All this time I was taking pictures and texting messages to my blog. I stayed in the cabinet for about a half and hour and it was clear that there was only one person working in the back. I opened the door to the cabinet and poked my head out.”

You can read the rest of Mr. Murgida’s account of this art/prank here: 9/10, Conflux 2008, 09/14/08, Done

Here’s his blog: http://lucasmurgida.blogspot.com/

And here’s his flickr stream: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lucasmurgida/

I found this story from boingboing: Funny prank by artist / cabinet maker Lucas Murgida

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