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At we scour the internet to collect and organize free woodworking plans. We create a new woodworking plan collection every two weeks, which you can get in the Newsletter >> This is a collection of our collections – we update this page every time we create a new free plan collection!

(ed note: KnotScott contributes his wisdom generously to over 11 different woodworking forums(!!!)… We asked him to report on the epic threads he finds and thus was born KnotScott’s Wide World of Woodworking Forum Threads! So much great forum knowledge passes under the bridge… well not anymore thanks to KnotScott!)

Hi gang! Knotscott here to share some recent woodworking forum discussions. As a regular on forums like,,,,,,,,,, and, I get the chance to see quite a few interesting threads. I’ve picked out a few recent highlights that might offer some points of interest for […]