(ed note: KnotScott contributes his wisdom generously to over 11 different woodworking forums(!!!)… We asked him to report on the epic threads he finds and thus was born KnotScott’s Wide World of Woodworking Forum Threads! So much great forum knowledge passes under the bridge… well not anymore thanks to KnotScott!)

Blade for Saw Stop
Saw blades used to be pretty easy to pick out, but modern technology can pose some new twists to that decision…
Fine Woodworking Forum

The Big Router Deal
If you’re wondering what the hot deal on a big router is, here’s the thread for you!

Old Plane vs. New Plane
So you don’t want to shell out for a Lie Nielsen or Veritas hand plane. Do you go for one several shiny new affordable hand planes made in Asia, or seek one of the thousands of older used American or British made planes that are available?
Woodworking Talk

Does MDF Dull Bits Faster?
I’m still not sure, but the discussion is diverse and animated.

New TS…Contractor saw vs hybrid vs cabinet saw
Here’s a classic thread about the pros and cons of the types of stationary table saws currently available. See which is right for you.
Woodworking Talk

Replacement TS Motor
Whether you need a new motor for that tired old saw, or are just contemplating what the benefits of a new motor are, this link should help guide your decision about what to get.
Woodworking Talk

Ash For Workbench
Woodworking benches have been traditionally made from birch or maple. Here’s a thread that touches on several other species for that application.

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